Side City Studios

Side City Studios Slots

Side City Studios is a subsidiary of SG Digital that provides online casinos with stunning, extremely popular video slot titles. The company is based in Montreal, but they have offices across the globe in major cities such as Kiev, Malta, Gibraltar, Sydney, Stockholm and Rome as well.

They were founded in 1999, and they have been providing exclusive products and services to the gaming industry for over 10 years. While they have a heavy presence in the gambling sector, they also have extensive experience with creating award-winning video games, 3D graphics, digital cinema and interactive video and television content.

Decades of Design Experience

Online slot players can reap the benefits of Side City's mastery of digital content. They have a team of expert-level graphic designers, artists and developers that are well-versed in how to create video games that are utterly captivating, and this translates well into the development of amazing slot titles.

Every title in the Side City portfolio features top-notch aesthetics, smooth graphics, beautiful background scenes and enthralling soundscapes that will immediately draw players' interest.

Feature-filled Titles

There are two sides to every great game. Not only does a successful game have to look great, but it has to have features that give it playability and long-term appeal.

Side City understands this dichotomy and ensures that each of its games has features that entice players such as autoplay, wilds, scatters, gamble minigames, multiple jackpots and free spins. Some titles even have up to 243 lines for maximizing win potential.

In addition, their games are all HTML5-friendly so that every title can be enjoyed across platforms and devices without stress or long wait times.

A Reputation For Expertise and Aesthetics

Side City Studios has been around for 20 years, which means that they have a solid reputation. They consistently deliver gorgeous and exciting titles that keep players engaged, interested and winning big.