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Relax Gamings collection of in-house titles is small but made of solid gold. The titles offer a very nice coverage of the whole field of modern gaming, with a large array of specials payline setups, possible wins, and entertaining features in use.

The company began operating in 2010, in Malta. Their main product has always been their casino platform, which also explains their large collection of licenses: the national authorities of Malta, UK, Alderney, and Romania have granted full licenses to the company. Their main target is the European markets, in which they are networked with most of the important companies. Their collection of slots, table games, and poker solutions is modern and mobile-oriented.

Start off easy with classic gaming

Epic Joker showcases perfectly what Relax Gaming is capable of. This is an easy game to get into, and it offers simple gameplay with a few twists. The graphical style and quality are immediately evident, and the two special functions give that extra edge this sort of game needs against other classic slots.

Another solution is to simply check out their table games. There’s nothing more classic than blackjack and roulette.

Then jump into overdrive with interactive bonuses

Once you move on from the classic titles you will encounter an assortment of slots that come with different styles, themes and setups. The company is well in touch with cutting-edge slot development via their vast network of partners, and thus their own slots often have the latest features, variations and other specials. This includes the occasional title that does away with reels altogether.

Most of the features are your basic bonus games, with all sorts of scatters and wilds in different games. Occasionally you get an interactive feature or two, which allow a bit of entertainment if not any direct advantage from skill. Generally, the payouts are more oriented towards massive prizes through specials at the expense of smaller basic wins.

Colorful and detailed graphics

The games often start up with animations(worth a look), with the backgrounds adding a few moving elements for the atmosphere. The reels and symbols usually only come alive when you land a winning combination, or a special feature starts. Overall the quality is perfect: neither too shiny nor too simple. The symbols are crafted with care, and usually, easily highlight the reels with their bright colours. There’s really no repetition or reskinning here, which makes each game that much better.

Conclusion on Relax Gaming slots

The only drawback of this collection of slots is the limited numbers. Though you will not spend every gaming session with these titles you will end up returning every now and then to experience that one bit of unique gaming. We recommend you start with the demo games in here, and then pick a casino to play in.