ReelNRG Slots

ReelNRG is a developer of online casino games that has been around since 2016. The firm is based in London and licensed to operate through the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gaming Commission. They are also eCOGRA certified, so players can feel confident when choosing their games.

Unmatched Aesthetics

While ReelNRG has not been particularly prolific so far, every game they have released has been stunningly created. The graphics for every video slot are reminiscent of top-tier console video games or movie-quality animation studios, which is sure to delight anyone playing their games.

The level of thought and care that is poured into each title speaks to a commitment to excellence and solidifies their reputation for delivering a consistently great gaming experience for players. In addition to the graphics work, they also tend to base their games on popular locations or mythological tales, so there is a sense of familiarity that will draw attention.

Feature-packed Gameplay

No games developer can be successful without slots that capture the eye and pay out well. ReelNRG utilizes features like free spin minigames, pay any way reels, sticky wilds, magical multipliers, expanding wilds and more to entice players.

In every title, players will find ample opportunities to rack up big payouts as well as plenty of ways to increase their earnings through minigames, bonuses and storylines that offer endless entertainment.

A Brief Recap

Overall, despite the fact that ReelNRG has only been around since 2016, they are already well on their way to creating a name for themselves.

Currently, their portfolio of slots is somewhat small, but that's easily forgiven when you see the level of depth infused into each game. Quality over quantity is a solid strategy, and they are performing it well so far.

With beautifully detailed games, interesting themes and lots of bonuses, ReelNRG slots are competitive with plenty of big-name developers.