Old Skool Studios

Old Skool Studios Slots

Old Skool Studios has a bit of a reputation when it comes to the quality of their games. They've been running since 2010 as a company with their first push into online slots in 2014, but in that time, they've carved out a very serious niche as being one of the top names that produces steady, high-end content.

Online Slot Selection

The number of total games that this developer has put out is not all that impressive, but that's because they aren't going for quantity. It doesn't matter how many games they have available with how their business model is structured. Instead, they focus on putting together games that will stand the test of time with an overwhelming emphasis on quality.

Visual Appeal and Graphics

Old Skool Studios' slots have a fairly unique look and feel to them because they go for an approach based on aesthetic appeal instead of just going by what people in general tend to think of as good graphics. They draw you in instead of just being something solid to look at, and that makes them stand out compared to the competition.

Gameplay and Features

With that having been said, they're not just good-looking games with no substance. Their uniqueness extends to the feature sets and overall play styles that you get with their slots as well, and they achieve this by focusing on gameplay as an overall experience during a session instead of just thinking about a per-turn basis. This leads to a higher level of originality and purpose that you don't always get from other developers.