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Northern Lights Gaming opened up offices in Manchester and Stockholm in 2017. They have a clear aim, which is to conquer the UK markets and from thereon the world. They are still in the early stages of this plan, but despite this have managed to secure some very high-ranking partners. Things are looking good for the company, mostly thanks to their expert team of iGaming professionals
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The company has UK Gambling Commission and Alderney Gaming licenses, both quite reputable and hard to get permissions. At the moment they are only slowed down by their release schedule, which seems to be picking up speed.

New company - old team

Suffice to say, despite the fact that the team is small and the company new they are no amateurs or first-timers. The team comes from many different backgrounds, some from the biggest gaming companies in the industry. This allows them to excel in all fields of slot production from marketing to design to law, which has given them a running start. At the time of writing this article, they seem to have gotten things running just perfectly, and we are simply waiting for more and more slots to come out.

Quality slots with a great RTP

Quality slots with a great RTP

The games offer great quality. One indication of this is the RTP, which always seems to stay well above the industry average of 96%. The company is not pushing out games every month, which means that they have plenty of time to work on the title and perfect the design and mathematics. This, in turn, means that the games are not simply reskinned versions of each other. They might use the same ingredients, but the recipes are all-new, combining features and themes in ways that we have not seen before.

At the moment the company only produces slots, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they were to jump into bingo, table games, and other games loved by UK players.

Common themes with plenty of variation

Common Themes with plenty of variation

There are so many online slots out there that pretty much every possible theme is already covered. How does a company innovate anymore then? Well, by making sure that their own offering of games brings in plenty of variation, and most of all that they don’t touch on themes that are way overdone.

So far Northern Lights has drawn inspiration natural sights, neon-colored electrics, wild west and the gold rush, as well as space ships and sci-fi. This alone covers pretty much everything but mythological themes. This sort of variation is a welcome plus, and if they can keep it up there is certainly going to be slots here for all audiences to enjoy. 

Something old, something new - bonus features

The above also applies to special features. The company doesn’t simply go with bonus games. Instead, the slots come with surprise features, reels that keep on spinning with wins, wilds and scatters, extra and instant wins, as well as plenty of other surprises. The most important point is that each game comes with their own specially designed set of features. Have a look for yourself!