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High 5 Games SlotsHigh 5 Games has been operating since 1995, is present in over fifty countries, all continents and offers hundreds of games. They might not be the most recognized brand, but they’re certainly in the big league with everything they offer. Besides being a slot producer, they also provide a platform, offering everything that one needs to create an online casino. What we are going to check out in this article are their own games, and how they face up against the stiff competition of today's casino markets.

The games themselves are divided into land-based and online selection. There seems to be some overlap between the two, but likewise independent development for both. The online selection is by far the more important one for the company, at least nowadays. The only game type are slots, which suits us and the players well, as they are the main course in all online casinos. Let’s take a closer look at what makes a High 5 Games slot rock!

Popular Themes

Canadian Wild, Outback Walkabout, Wild Horses, Thundering Buffalo and countless other similar titles prove that nature is close to heart in here. Doesn’t matter if it’s the forests, savannahs, deserts, or the unknown depths of the sea, all sorts of wildlife will reveal themselves on the reels. But with hundreds of slots available, you’re bound to find other points of interest too.

Western Champions takes you into the wild west, Old Money Deluxe displays more than enough luxury on the reels, Time and Again goes through the entirety of history, and Pride & Prejudice even adds some literature into the mix. 

Graphics are more important than themes…

…at least to some of us. Especially as the different styles and setups are so diverse these days. If you’re not offering the latest 3D symbols and animations, you at least have to have something special going for yourself. High 5 Games ticks several of the important boxes, and even has the games looking good on mobile devices.

Individual symbols often come in the form of characters, or animals, but you will naturally also meet the classic card values on most games. Painting like background pictures perfect each and every setting. Though animations are not plentiful, the company mostly opting for statics graphics, they do impart some memorable scenes here and there, less is more in this case too.

Rapid Rewards

What would online slots be without bonuses? And we don’t mean special features, which we will go through in a bit, but things like casino bonus spins, bonus cash, slot tournaments, and more. High 5 Games has their own take on this, so called Rapid Rewards. This bonus system allows for a whole host of options, with the whole arsenal of gamification in use. Not only can you benefit from deposit bonuses, but completely random rewards too. Win boosts, feature or super boost, or pure cash via network promotions. If you’re unfamiliar with these benefits, it's definitely something to check out.

Special Features and Reel Setups

High 5 Games FeaturesScatters in abundance lead to bonus spins. That’s the basis for most online slots, and it’s pretty much the case here too. You’re likely to find it on each slot, with wilds likewise being a pretty standard setup. But there’s more than that to High 5 Games. Something called “bucks” features from one slot to the next, allowing for extra wins whenever special symbols land on the reels. Random coin values means that there is a wide range of possible bet multipliers from such wins. This will sometimes also lead to more bonus spins.

Jackpots are another special that you can get your hands on in a variety of games. These are fixed ones, rather than progressive jackpots, but they can still result in pretty amazing results if you’ve got just the right amount of luck with you. Some titles feature mini-games, with a bit of interactive action. For example, Cannon Cove has you shooting at ships and barrels for prizes. Overall, the specials don’t go quite as far as we’d hope for them to, so there is a bit of room for improvement there.

When it comes to the reels, you’ll find that paylines and ways to win are the two favourites at High 5 Games. Though the specials are lacking a bit, the paytables aren’t. Or perhaps just for reason they aren’t, with plenty of high-value wins available across all high variance titles. If you’re looking for a strong selection of online slots with entertaining themes and high returns, these games are worth a look.