Habanero Systems

Habanero Systems Slots

Habanero originates from Eastern Europe, where they still hold offices in Sofia and Kyiv. They have expanded quite a bit since they opened up shop in 2010, and are considered a worldwide company these days. They specialize in slots, table games and video poker, with a decent selection of games across all these areas.

Besides games, they also produce systems and solutions for online casinos. They have a considerable number of different licenses, and their games have been tested and verified in nearly twenty different jurisdictions. This alone is not enough for them, as the games are also verified by independent testing labs. If you haven’t tried their games yet you are definitely missing out one of the most modern gaming companies there are!

Table games, video poker and slots

The company has over a hundred games out(at the time of writing) with most of those being different slot games. Though it’s hard to innovate with classics such as blackjack or roulette, the company nevertheless has managed to bring in some fresh blood to the genre with games such as War, Dragon Tiger and Sic Bo.

When it comes to video poker the collection is quite classic. What they bring to the table is the ability to play multiple hands at once. And when we say multiple we mean up to a hundred at one go!

Jackpot races - what are those?

One of the interesting new game types Habanero has invented is jackpot races. These are similar to slot tournaments, which have become quite popular lately. This feature gives online casinos the ability to organize races based on certain slots. 

Instead of the progressive jackpots growing for anyone across all casinos, the jackpots are only available to those who play the games at the particular casino that runs them. The pots can grow quite big, but this depends on the casino as much as the players.

Entertainment above all

No matter what the theme and style are, it is quite clear that Habanero chooses to make the games entertaining, fun and interesting. This means that the games often look somewhat comical. However, humor is only one of the benefits you get to enjoy when spinning the reels. Music and sound effects, graphics and animations, as well as innovative and engaging special features, guarantee that the games remain interesting. It’s not just the big wins you get to enjoy here but the prizes play a role too.

It’s no surprise that a company that has made headlines with its jackpot system also knows how to make the payouts count in their games. It is quite often possible to land wins up to ten thousand times your bet from basic spins alone. Combine this with the special features and you can even forget all about the jackpots.

In short, there really is something for everyone here. Given a large number of games, the dedication to quality and the entertainment factor, you are sure to find more than a few interesting slots to try.