FashionTV Slots

a_specialised_selection_of_gamesFashionTV is a lot more than just an online casino developer, with a whole brand encompassing different areas of online entertainment. Branded online slots, sports, live casino, and other such games are just a part of the selection of this global media power. Given the company’s background, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of high fashion on the reels and in the games.

The company is very well connected, both with platforms like EveryMatrix, Playtech, and Betconstruct, as well as individual upcoming gaming studios such as Wizio, Fantasyteam and Espresso Games. Established in 1997, this brand has been slowly making a name for itself across a vast variety of online casinos. They even have a casino brand of their own.

A Specialised Selection of Games

The list of available casino games is not too massive in any single category, though naturally, it grows year by year. The company is really concentrating on creating a set of branded games, which can be enjoyed as part of a larger collection at any online casino. This is why you’re only likely to find a handful of online slots.

However, to go with those online slots you have several options to explore. Live sports offers live streaming sports and bets to go with them. There’s a slew of other markets at play too, once again expanding any normal setting. Live casino from FashionTV is a joint venture with BetConstruct and the Maltese Porto Maso casinos. These offer high-end table games, with the aim to entertain and excite. Branded slots are also in the mix, adding exclusive content to interested online casinos.

Glamour, Luxury and Glitter

glamour_luxury_and_glitterWith titles like Billionaire Toys, Fashion Show, Bikini Angels, and Fashion Club it’s pretty obvious what you’ll end up witnessing on the reels. Now, normally half-naked women are at best seen as a bit tacky attempt to sell with sex, but when it comes to this company it’s a bit more complicated issue. It’s after all, what FashionTV as a brand is mostly about. And they’ve got billions of viewers on all their different channels.

And they’ve got the luxury bit nailed down too. Cars, jewellery, and watches are all golden and of the best quality. It should come as no surprise that these online slots tend to offer pretty high wins, and likewise come with high variance. Risky spins, which might pay off handsomely.

What About Features?

We wish there was a bit more to write about here. It’s not that you wouldn’t find specials in the branded online slots, it’s simply that there aren’t that many slots to go around. The handful that you have can only come with so many features each. Bonus spins are obviously available, and so are special bonus games with wheels of fortune. Extra sized symbols, wilds and scatters are also present.