DLV Slots

dlv slotsBack in 1994, DVL is born from the desire to take the gaming products and services on a new level. As time pass, the company growth was unstoppable.

… this provider has a spotless reputation for over two decades. It is constantly changing and adapting to the new market demands, making it a part of the iGaming elite.

What makes it one of the best in the business is its ability to offer comprehensive services to its clients. It is a gaming hardware and software manufacturer, which accommodate the requirements of both land-based and online casinos.

As a fast-growing company, it has clearly defined objectives in emerging foreign markets. With it does very successfully since it has expanded from native Latvia to the wider European, Asian and Latin American markets.

DVL is a force to be reckoned with
… since it is covering all the segments of the gaming industry worldwide. 

A simple strategy for great results

In order for a provider to be competitive at a fierce market, it has to have a clear goal and a business strategy to achieve it. A strong foundation that allows this supplier to prosper and be one of the best in the gaming industry lays in three simple principles:

A wide game portfolio

The brand’s portfolio includes cabinets, multi-games, slot games and jackpots. While its cabinets are present in the casinos all over Europe, Asia, and Latin America, let’s focus on its game section.


The provider is very proud of its Diamond Games Stars edition. It is a multigame featuring 20 games with 5, 10, 20, 25 and 40 pay lines.

They are grouped by pay lines, and there is a special Lucky Choice option that offers a random game to the player. From initial 7, the edition is upgraded with the addition of thirteen new games in Full HD screen resolution.


This section has over 100 titles to offer. Numerous releases are very diverse, so you can find almost any theme that crosses your mind.

dlv slots vikingarGame diversification is also noticeable in the term of volatility. There are titles that high rollers will enjoy, and also the ones more suitable for those who wish to practice a little more before entering slot tournaments.

Some of these popular slots are the creation of this developer:


The provider has a jackpot line with Zooshenk multigame featuring four levels - Hippo, Zebra, Giraffe, and Lion. It is an accumulative Mystery Progressive jackpot where player’s participation in each of the levels depends on the active lines number in an actual game - the closer the active lines number to the maximal one in a given game, the more levels number it participates in.

Depending on the bet
… after initiating the Zooshenk jackpot bonus game, the player is automatically guaranteed the accumulations part of one of the jackpot levels, in which he participates at the time of the start. The sum of each level can change during the draw.
Winning 4 special symbols upon the main one will trigger this special feature.


As the provider that keeps up with current trends and set new ones, it is important to emphasize that all of its online games are suitable for mobile casinos.

…they are available on all devices, and for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Engaging gameplay and easy implementation

It is important for providers that will be interesting to both players and operators. In order to suits both of these groups, the releases need to have engaging gameplay and to be easy to implement to the operator’s platform.

DVL slots and products are setting a new level of criteria for other developers to follow. It is staying true to its motto: “Tradition. Quality. Guarantee”, as it was for all those years. By responding to the demands of players as well as operators, this developer has a unique position in the gaming industry and features that make it one of the best. Explore the games of this supplier and see for yourself is its reputation justified.