Cayetano Slots

popular_themes_and_features (2)Cayetano Gaming is something of an outlier, as they rose from a relatively new and unknown gaming studio directly to the frontlines when they were acquired by Paddy Power, a legend in its own right. From such fast developments, the company entered a comparably quiet period, concentrating on expanding the selection of games and the list of partners. Do notice that though this company is owned by a casino gaming giant, most of their games are available at all interested online casinos.

The company is based in Bulgaria, where it has operated since it was first established in 2009. Whilst the company is mainly an online slot producer, with a few speciality games showing up here and there, they do also develop and maintain software and technology that is used to run these games and online casinos in general. That said, let’s have a look at what sort of online slots you’re going to run into.

Popular Themes and Features

You’ll find a handful of branded games, like Golden Leprechaun, but for most of these online slots, the themes are pretty much what is generally popular in online casinos. Stories from historical Egypt, showdowns in the Wild West, adventures in the safari, fruits, glory and riches. There’s not much in the way of surprises when it comes to themes, but that doesn’t mean what’s there wouldn’t work wonders.

Features offer a lot more variety. These specials change from one game to the next and often feature bonus spins. It’s not just simple bonus rounds either, with some of these bonuses forming something akin to mini-games, with multiple options to choose from. Wilds, scatters, mystery symbols and other such additions can also be found in a variety of titles. Some of the games also come with considerable fixed jackpots, whilst others build the big wins via a combination of the paytable prizes and special features.

The Most Popular Online Slots

the_most_popular_online_slots (1)As said, there are a couple of these games only found on select casino sites. Some of the most popular games across a variety of online casinos include Irish Clover, Pirates, Tumble Dwarf and Fruit Stack. These are actually pretty standard slots, with simple payline setups and easy to understand specials. Sometimes simple gaming is all you need.

But there are other options too. And one thing that Cayetano gaming seems to shine with is keeping its quality consistent. Most all of their games are quite well received and ranked. So we suggest you also take a look at these titles: Golden Thunder, Little Red Riding Hood, Marines, Egyptian Wilds, and Don’s Millions.

Other Casino Games From Cayetano Gaming

Besides online slots the company has built a handful of different versions of popular table games like blackjack and roulette. Though these no doubt offer a nice playing experience, we can’t say that the company wouldn’t be offering anything near what they have to offer for slot enthusiasts. That said, why not try a few spins of the wheels in between spinning the reels?