Capecod Gaming

Capecod Gaming Slots

The first thing players should know about Capecod Gaming is that they have actually been developing these slots overall since 1987 with land-based cabinets. That gives them more experience than most developers have in the online environment, and it translates in a big way to how they handle their games. What you'll find is a good mix of solid fundamentals when it comes to feature sets, graphics and overall play style that has helped them to reach an online audience as well.

HTML5 Online Slots

First and foremost, all of their games that they produce now are in HTML5, and it's been that way since 2014. Some of their earlier titles were in Flash and other platforms, but they've been with the more flexible and superior HTML5 platform for several years. This allows players to enjoy the same games on their desktop as their mobile devices, and vice versa, while offering better graphics, faster loading times and a better overall performance, even when using the same hardware as their Flash-based titles. They've really set themselves up to be successful in the future along these lines, and we can't argue with that one bit.

Online Slot Quality

Quality in slots comes from two main areas: gameplay and visual appeal. The visual appeal for this company's titles is above-average, but it's not necessarily a huge strongpoint overall. Instead, they tend to focus a bit more on gameplay, features and replay value, and we can't say that we can argue with that because they've used this strategy to produce some pretty good games that players have loved. If you're the type of player who really needs a ton of fancy 3D, overproduced graphics to feel satisfied with a game, then what they offer may not be for you.

In Summary

The bottom line is that Capecod Gaming has been producing slots for decades, and their online titles have gotten a fair amount of attention. They focus more on gameplay values than visuals, but there's something for everyone online, and there's no surprise that this developer's Internet-based games have found a following. Overall, they're a solid name with a good background, and they bring a ton of experience to the table. Their only flaw, if we can call it that, is that they could do with focusing a bit more on the aesthetic appeal of their offering.