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Boomerang Studios Slots

boomerang-studios-slots-page-imageBoomerang Studios is active in the gambling market since 2018, but it doesn’t have numerous titles to show off. In fact, it offers quite a small portfolio.

How so?

The answer is simple – great games need longer to be made, but once they are up and running, they stay popular for ages. This is the case with this developer.

Its products are the perfect example of what happens when you mix online game development knowledge with the experience of 23 years in the land-based casino industry.
You get a premium gaming product that players enjoy to play and operators to have in their offer.

Does it pique your interest?

If so, keep reading and find out what makes these slots worthy of trying out...

What Boomerang Studios Slots Have To Offer?

This developer can’t say it has an abundance of games in its offer, but it should be really proved of the ones in its sleeves. At its official website the brand emphasis that it is specialized in “software and math development for slots, scratch card and jackpot products on specialty markets such as Asia”.

The modest portfolio contains just 7 slot releases so far:

We were able to find their demos and give them a spin, and we were quite pleasantly surprised.
All of the games were impressive, but we’ll address the most popular ones amongst the players.

Wild Esqueleto really stood out with its jackpots feature awarding a potential prize of 100.000,00 in the players home currency. An additional plus is an excellent bonus feature that adds 2 new wilds on every extra spin, increasing the winning opportunities.

Spin Warrior attracts with its spectacular visuals but keep the attention with its engaging gameplay. It comes with a 3x5 grid full of 3D characters with dual reels. Meaning - double the wins!

According to description, this game is designed for serious players and features “minimalistic gameplay with few distractions that are focused solely on coinciding big picture wins”. It is a very innovative game, with very exciting components and stunning graphics.

These and other releases from the portfolio show a big diversity and themes and visuals. Versatility is something that’s all software providers should have in their offer, but it is for admiration when a handful of titles provides such a variety of backstories and gameplays.

Connecta Way - A Unique System

Most of the provider’s releases use the special mechanics called ‘connecta way’. It is a new way of playing where some slots even have dual reels, meaning you can expect even more wins. 

How does it work?

Games with this mechanic have 178 connected paylines. In comparison to 243 way-to-win, it is a similar system that gives the player many ways to win.

The provider describes it as the “added benefit over vanilla way games in that it is easy to follow win patterns over multiple rows”. It is quite entertaining and slots with this system are quite engaging, with a lot of winning possibilities.

Our Take

In addition to this innovative mechanics...

...all of the brand’s games come with superb graphics and design, as well as mobile optimization for any portable device. While the developer aims to reduce distractions and enables the clean gameplay, it still adds exciting bonus features in its releases. Still, it is done subtle and flows into the gameplay without interrupting it, just elevating it to the next level.

Booming Studios slots are something that every lover of one-armed bandits should add to his “must-try list of games”. We don’t see every day titles with such elaborate gameplay and high level of quality, so we are highly recommending to check them out.