Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming Slots

First things first: Authentic Gaming is not a slots producer. At least not yet. For now, the company seems to be pretty much set on providing live casino roulette tables and nothing else. On the plus side, their roulette tables come with all the options possible from different variations of the game itself to several options for the speed of the game. If you are tired of watching games hosted from studios you’ll be delighted to know that the company also operated several tables straight from land-based casinos.

Part of LeoVegas group with the obvious benefits

Authentic Gaming started operating in 2015 with a skeleton staff and quickly expanded into a full-fledged operation with studios all over the world. Not only this, but they also managed to quickly build up a network of partners amongst the biggest and most reliable companies of the field. This is probably thanks to the fact that the roots of the company lay in the ever-popular LeoVegas casino, nowadays known as the LeoVegas group. Lately, they have also expanded into US markets amongst the first companies to do so.

Mobile and desktop supported

What you need is a reliable internet connection, an account at the casino, and some money to spend. The roulette tables are available both in mobile and desktop devices and run quite smoothly on either one. HD quality video is a given, and audio hasn’t been forgotten either. When it comes to the software the user interface has been kept simple and intuitive. The tables themselves are often situated in real casinos, which adds a whole new level of immersion into the games.

For now...

...roulette tables are the sole product on offer, though this will surely change. Luckily, it’s not just one version that you get to play. American and European roulette are both there, with all sorts of modifiers. Faster games, slower tables, VIP tables, turbo mode, and much more. Check out one of the suggested casinos for the full list!

Authentic gaming and promotional offers

Besides providing the players with that authentic feeling of being present in a land-based casino, or sitting right at the table, the company also offers something else. If you have ever played slots before you should be aware of bonuses, slot tournaments, bonus games, promotions, competitions and the like. These are now entering the world of live-casino gaming, having been mostly absent so far.

Though it is very much up to the individual online casino at least all the possibilities are there. And a bit more as well, as Authentic Gaming is even promising to deliver live shows and events in the future. How this will play out remains to be seen.