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Based in Shanghai, China, Aspect Gaming is a relatively small software company that started paving its way towards the stars all the way back in 2007.

It was the brainchild of two talented investors and entrepreneurs - Tony Payne and Justin Nguyen. These two gentlemen shared a vision of creating a software company that would cater to the needs of the Asian market, but also branch out and start conquering the world.

Based on very high standards set in Macau, Aspect Gaming is now one of the most reputable slot companies from Asia.

Graphics And Themes

Of course, the graphics here are all vivid and top notch when quality is concerned, but what makes Aspect Gaming different than most of its peers is the fact that they are not afraid to show off their roots.

This means that you will find many games in their portfolio that are deeply rooted in Chinese tradition and themes. Some of them even still bear Chinese titles, so if these exotics suit your gaming needs, you will surely like what these guys are doing.

Other than that it’s worth pointing out that all the graphics and sound effects are really wondrously laid out. All the games can be characterized by a rather engaging gameplay experience, and some of them can sometimes be rather complex and involve quite a few special symbols.

Mobile Focus

In this modern age, it is impossible to imagine not being present on the internet, but the focus on mobile gaming is bigger than ever. Luckily enough for Aspect Gaming, they have their entire opus available for mobile users.


Aside from the comprehensive lottery systems and social games, Aspect Gaming is known quite well among punters for their highly innovative titles.

If these are your thing, we strongly suggest some of their games. The list may not be a long one, but it still provides a lot of fun. Here are all of them at once: Sheng Xiao Chuan Qi, Typhoon Cash, 5 Ghosts, Ba Xuan Chuan Qi, Double Happy, Le Cirque, Magpie Bridge, Stone To Gold, Jungle Treasure, 5 Lucky Elements, Doggone Lucky, Eternal Fortune, Lotus Lantern, Dou Di Zhu Plus, Fortune Cats, Hu Got Lucky? Hungry Cats, Kickin’ Kash!, Zombie’s Fortune, Mazu, Rabbit Rampage, Wealthy Chicken, and Xiao Fu Xing.

As you can see, there is a vast array of different themes covered here, and there is really something for everyone here.

Our Thoughts

Even though they started off slowly, the good folks at Aspect Gaming have obviously picked up the pace in recent times, so they were able to emerge on the global iGaming market and break out of their domestic one. Punters everywhere around the globe seem to really dig their games, so they surely have a bright future ahead of them.