Asia Live Tech

Asia Live Tech Slots

Asia Live Tech is amongst the first gambling companies to raise into worldwide fame from Asia. They originally operated as a simple resort casino in Cambodia but expanded into the realm of live-casino gambling as soon as local legislation allowed it.

This decision has served them well, as they are now involved in everything from slots to white label solutions. The company is growing fast and they have already teamed up with several other gaming providers to bring their selection of products to an even wider audience, as you can read over at our sister site.

A growing selection of slots to choose from...

Slots are not the sole product from this company, yet they have a nice few dozens of them out already. It might just be worthwhile keeping tabs on this company as they are pushing out new games in quite a fast pace.

The games seem to follow the setup of traditional slots rather enthusiastically, which means that you shouldn’t expect anything too fancy or ground-breaking from this publisher. Modern gaming with big win potential and easy to use interface is what the gaming is all about here.

Besides slots... will find keno, lotteries, live casino, and sportsbook. The thing is, all this depends on which casino you choose to play in. Not all of them will present you with the ability to place bets on soccer matches, others will not offer keno or lotteries. Most offer live casino and slots.

It is, therefore, a good thing that these two are the primary products for Asia Live Tech. Of course, the company is expanding fast and they might very well be soon available at most online casino. Worth noting - the company offers several Asian table games that you will not find with European operators, at least not yet.

Common themes and features

The themes feature a collection of Asian and popular culture influences. The games seem to be somewhat simplistic, mostly trusting in the good old setup of a handful of paylines and significant wins. Quite a few feature progressive jackpots. Besides this they do offer the usual bonus games, wilds, scatters, and instant wins.

Graphics and sound effects are something the company constantly seeks to improve, whereas mobile support is a given on any device. In general, the slots offer quite a wide variety of themes to choose from. Whether it’s Asian influences, fantasy games or any other theme, you are sure to find it here. Try the games for free and discover your favorites.