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    Welcome to a game where numbers are your friends. While playing Sodoku video slot game you will soon understand why the numbers 1 through 9 in succession can add on to your balance.

    The Cryptologic software makes game play easy, and a very simple game to understand, but complex with the numbers that are generated to add up towards your wins.

    There are 9 main squares on the Sodoku game card with 9 numbers in each square. Six numbers are stationary in each square, while three numbers are generated during each game play, and appear diagonally from the top left to the bottom right side of each of the 9 squares on the game card.

    The pay-lines in Sodoku are 9 vertical lines and 9 horizontal lines. Choose both vertical and horizontal lines or choose one of them. Wagers are from 0.10 credits for vertical lines, 0.10 credits for horizontal lines up to 20.00 credits for vertical lines and 20.00 credits for horizontal lines.

    If you wager, for example, 1.00 credits for both sets of 9 vertical and 9 horizontal lines, your wager total will be 2.00 credits.

    In Sodoku there must be at least three lines, where the numbers 1 through 9 appear anywhere on each individual line, to win your bet back. The more lines where 1 through 9 appear, on the vertical or horizontal plane, will add extra winnings to your balance, according to the pay scale for the extra lines won.

    Remember, the vertical and horizontal lines are wagered on separately, so do not be alarmed if you have wins on both sets of lines and your win is not greater than you had thought.

    But the good thing is, if you win on both vertical and horizontal lines, you will be rewarded for both wins.

    There are great features in Sodoku called Stars, Sodoku Numbers (red numbers), Free Spins and the Sodoku Bonus. Below is a description of each feature:

    Sodoku Stars.

    • The Stars are wilds that substitute for all numbers except Sodoku numbers

    Sodoku Numbers.

    • Sodoku Numbers are Red in color
    • Sodoku Numbers are randomly places on the game card
    • When 7 or more Sodoku Numbers show on the game card, the Sodoku Bonus will be activated

    Sodoku Free Spins.

    • 15 Free Spins are activated when 5 or more main squares on the game card have the numbers 1 through 9 in them
    • Winnings are doubled during Free Spins
    • Free Spins can be re-activated during Free Spins
    • The Sodoku Bonus can be activated during Free Spins

    Sodoku Bonus.

    • The Sodoku Bonus is activated after 7 or more Sodoku Numbers appear on the game card
    • No pay-lines are active during the Sodoku Bonus
    • 5 Re-Spins are given in the Sodoku Bonus
    • The Re-Spin Button appears when the Sodoku Bonus is activated
    • Click on the Re-Spin Button to generate more Sodoku Numbers
    • The more Sodoku Numbers that appear, the higher the payout will be according to the Sodoku Feature pay scale
    • When all 27 Sodoku Numbers appear, the Top Prize is awarded

    By the way, the Top Prize is the Grand Prize in the game of Sodoku. If by chance you are not getting very many wins on your game card, select a new card by clicking on the New Card button.

    You may do this as often as you like, or you may wish to keep the game card that is giving you great wins.