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    Fortune tellers of different kinds appear to show up in almost every culture, and even if we don't believe in what they say they can do, we still end up fascinated by their whole presentation. This is largely the basis of the Queen of Wands slot, available at Skywind online casinos. It has a magical fortune teller theme, and you'll find symbols that bounce between the fortune teller herself, her magical equipment and other symbols of magic like the various elements of nature. Along these lines, the volatility is also pretty reasonable, and everything is set up around having lots of hits compared to other games.

    Format and Layout

    In many titles, the format is just something in the background that you don't pay much attention to. In this game, however, the layout of the game is actually very important to how it plays overall. There are five reels like most video slots, but there are four rows of symbols, and this provides a bit more visual real estate than most titles. With that having been said, you will be able to change how many lines there are if you really want to. It's best if you don't because playing with fewer than 40 drops the RTP of the game down to much lower levels.

    If you want to play for a smaller bet size, then you have a simple control to adjust how much you're wagering on each line. The smallest line bet wager is $0.01, which lends itself to a $0.40 overall bet. The individual line wagers go up to $2 apiece for a $80 maximum bet. This is a pretty serious range of bet sizes, and it makes sure that players at all levels have something available that works for them.

    Wild Fortune Teller Symbols

    We think that by far the most important symbol that you'll see in this slot is the fortune teller that the game is named after. That makes plenty of sense, and she shows up as a wild symbol with her hands over a glowing crystal ball. This wild symbol is made even more valuable by it showing up on each of the five reels, but there's a bit more to it than that.

    First off, you can get a 1,000x win for five of a kind of this symbol, the largest payout that this game has to offer. Four of a kind gives you a 200x prize, which is pretty strong as well, and you can also earn 50x for three of a kind. As if these sizable wins weren't enough, there's even more to this symbol.

    The wild symbol always shows up stacked on all five reels. This changes the overall play of the game to have a higher hit-rate and to make it easier to get several wins on the same spin. Moreover, it makes it much more likely to get multiple of the top prize on the same spin as well.

    Free Spins Bonus Feature

    Players also have a free spins bonus feature that they can engage in this game. The Queen of Wands symbol shows up on the middle three reels only, and getting all three on the reels at once will give you a 3x payout multiplied by your whole wager, so that's like a 120x line bet win with all paylines activated. When you get all three at once, you'll also get a set of eight free spins on top of that.

    Other Symbols and Payouts

    The overflowing golden chalice symbol gets players 400x for five. You can pick up 250x for five of a kind of the tree, sun or water symbols also. For the card rank symbols, the golden A, K, Q and J all pay out 150x when you line up five on an activated payline. On top of that, you'll get 100x for five of the 10 or 9.


    The Queen of Wands video slot is a solid game by Skywind that focuses on a high hit-rate style of gameplay with a low volatility overall. They achieve this with stacked wilds, a very balanced pay table and a bonus feature that provides some good value without weighing things too heavily in the direction of the bonus round. Overall, the gameplay is the star of the show for this title, and it's set up so that you can sit back and relax instead of having to deal with big swings all the time.

    By Jesse Eddleman