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    If you want to really get in the holiday mood, then a great way to do so is by playing an online slot based around the holiday you're waiting on. Santa 7s is a Christmas-themed classic slot by NuWorks that could help you to do just that when it gets late in the year. This game is a good example of putting a new spin on an old game format, and it's all about giving players lots of extra ways to win. You can win exciting presents all year long, instead of waiting around for Christmas to come, when you play this slot.

    Format and Layout

    The format for Santa 7s is pretty straight-forward. There are three reels and three rows, and you'll find that it uses five paylines. The key feature in this game that you'll notice right away is the fact that there are two Christmas trees lined up with different prizes and bonuses on them. This is a key game dynamic, and we'll get to that in a moment.

    Players can play with anywhere from one to five paylines, but it's best to keep all paylines activated to get the most value from the game. Additionally, you can choose coin sizes from $0.10 to $5 apiece to give this game a betting range of $0.50 to $25 per spin.

    Importance of Wild Symbols

    The basic payouts in this game are driven primarily by the two wild symbols. The Double Wild shows up on the second reel, and the Triple Wild shows up on the third reel only. Completing a winning combination with the double wild doubles the size of your payout, and completing it with the triple gives you a 3x multiplier. You can combine these to trigger a 6x multiplier if you get both of them on the same payline as well.

    It's important to point out that a ton of your value comes from these wild symbols, and they're a key part of the overall game dynamic.

    High-Tier Payouts

    Five symbols make up the high-end payouts in this game. The red seven gives you 100x for three or 3x for two, and the blue seven with white dots pays 50x for three and 2x for two. Aside from the special jackpot symbol that's covered below, these are the only symbols that pay for two of a kind.

    Additionally, the red and white candy cane seven awards you with a 30x win for three of a kind, and you can get 20x for Santa and 10x for the Reindeer.

    Low-End Wins

    The lowest wins in the game are awarded with the Christmas tree balls that have hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs on them. This is a very clever way of handling the low-end symbols without resorting to something that seems lazy like the A, K, Q, etc. symbols are typically seen.

    Players can win 7x for three of the diamonds or hearts, and that drops to 5x for three of the spades or clubs.

    Jackpot and More Features

    The progressive jackpot in this game is triggered with three of the jackpot symbol. However, if you get a jackpot symbol on the center spot in the middle row of the middle reel, then you get a free Jackpot Spin. This is essentially a re-spin where the only payouts that count are for the Jackpot symbols. You can get a 10x prize by picking up just two of the Jackpot symbol as well.

    The Santa Magic Feature

    If you pick up three of a kind in anything but the jackpot symbol, then you get the Santa Magic Feature. This feature gives you a reward off of the green tree on the left-hand side. If you hit the red elf feature, then you get a better prize from the right-hand red tree instead. You can win jackpot spins, up to 25 free spins or instant payouts as high as 100x in this feature. It's a cool way to get extra presents during your gameplay on top of the wins that you get with a three of a kind combination that triggers the feature in the first place.


    NuWorks has put a lot of effort into making Santa 7s a high-quality game. Even though it's a classic slot, it has a ton of action with a lot of features, and it's a game that even video slot players will love because of the high-action nature of the gameplay.


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