• Quest for Minotaur

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      Octopus Gaming
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      Video Slots
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    In Greek mythology, the Minotaur was the offspring of a white bull that was created by Poseidon and the wife of King Minos who had disobeyed the god of the oceans. In turn, Minos had the Minotaur banished away to the center of a giant maze called the Labyrinth, until it was eventually killed by Theseus years later. Pragmatic Play has made this story come to life with Quest for the Minotaur with a number of key figures from the story.

    Format Overview

    This video slot uses the typical layout of five reels with three rows, which is what Pragmatic Play uses for the vast majority of their games overall. There are 20 paylines, and you can choose coin sizes that run from $0.01 to $0.50 apiece. To give you access to more bet sizes, players can also wager as many as ten coins on each payline, giving players an overall betting range of $0.20 to $100 per turn, which is plenty wide enough for all players to feel included.

    The gameplay of this title is a little different than most games from this software developer. While Pragmatic Play tends to almost exclusively offer games with a low volatility and a balanced pay table, you'll find that Quest for the Minotaur is actually quite top-heavy with some really large top pays and a lot of value wrapped up in the two bonus features. As such, this game has a larger volatility and a lower hit-rate, though the average payouts you'll win when you do pick up prizes will be larger on average.

    Wild Symbol Payouts

    The shadow of the Minotaur is the wild symbol, and it pays 5,000x for five of a kind. It substitutes for anything but the scatter and bonus symbol. Additionally, you can pick up 2,000x for four of a kind, 200x for three of a kind or 20x for just two of a kind. These are among the largest wins in the game, and it's the only symbol to pay out for just two of a kind in this slot as well. Likewise, this is the most important symbol in the game, and it's the one you should really pay attention to when it shows up on the reels.

    Bonus Features

    There are two main bonus features. When you get three or more of the chests on an active payline, you'll be taken to the Escape the Labyrinth bonus feature where you can win up to 2,300 coins. This really plays into the story itself.

    Otherwise, you can get three or more of the scattered clew symbol to pick up free spins, which looks like a ball of yarn. It's what was used by the hero Theseus to find his way when going after the Minotaur. The number of scatters you get determines your multiplier with three giving you a 3x multiplier, four earning a 5x multiplier and five giving a massive 10x multiplier on all of your wins during your set of free turns.

    Top Regular Payouts

    There are four regular symbols at the top end of the pay table for this game. The Minotaur himself pays 1,000x for five of a kind. You can also get 500x for the queen Pasiphae. The hero Theseus pays a solid 400x when you earn five of a kind, and five of Minos pays 300x. Realize that these wins can be multiplied by up to 10x in the free spins feature, and you can get some much larger payouts accordingly.

    Five stylized animal symbols round out the winnings. Two of them pay 200x for five, and the other three pay 100x for five. These groupings make it pretty simple to keep up with the payouts for the lower-end symbols, which is a problem for many players in games where all of the payouts are slightly different.

    Our Thoughts

    Quest for the Minotaur is a good example of Pragmatic Play making sure that virtually every aspect of an online slot is tied together into its overall theme. This makes the gameplay a lot more enjoyable in any type of game, and even though this slot has a high volatility, it has plenty of ways to win prizes that are larger than the top jackpot in many slots out there. We think that this is a game that will appeal to plenty of people, even if the graphics are somewhat bland.