• Iron Sky: The Coming Race

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    If you’re up for something different when searching for the next slot game to play, PlayPearls has something interesting to offer.

    So much offbeat and outlandish that at certain times it becomes fully bizarre, Iron Sky: The Coming Race is a 5x3 slot release set on moon where lizard-like Nazis hidden in the underground bunkers plot to take over the world.

    This new title from PlayPearls the iGaming software developer based in Malta, is based on a 2019 comedy/action/sci-fi movie of the same name.


    Besides the space Nazis, there are also dinosaurs, zombies, aliens and a bunch of weirdness mashed-up as the reptilic Hitler stands next to the slot machine, laughing with a sinister maniacal laugh every time a win hits.

    When you first enter the game, the scene from a movie works as introduction. Fortunately, this intro can be skipped, so you don't have to go through it every time you start the game.

    Graphics and animation clearly show that this is a modern slot release, made by people who know how to create an exciting game, and the music that blasts loudly makes for a very action-packed experience.

    How Much Can You Bet And What Features To Expect?

    The betting range goes from the low 0.01 to the also low 1.00 per line. With 25 pay active lines, it amounts to the maximum bet of 25, though.

    The RTP is, claimed by the developers, 97.05, which if true, is quite a generous one. On the other hand, there is no clear info about the game's volatility, but it appears to be pretty balanced.

    Developed with HTML5 and being as contemporary as it can be, the game is also perfectly playable on mobile devices.

    In terms of features, besides the classic letters such as J, Q, K, and A symbols, although heavily stylized with a very aggressive-looking font, characters from the movie also appear on the reels, like the zombie soldier, the female mechanic and the reptilian Hitler himself.

    Hitler is also the highest-paying symbol and depending on whether three, four, or five land on the reels it pays a prize of 75x, 150x, and 300x.

    The Wild symbol substitutes any of the aforementioned ones, except the Scatter, which comes as a symbol of Earth amid its destruction and awards 10, 20 and 30 extra spins, depending if 3, 4, or 5 land on the reels.

    As two of the stranger features in this game, T-Rex and Jobsits symbols activate the bonus games called T-Rex Runner and iExCommunicate.

    T-Rex Runner is exactly as the name says. It is a fast-paced game where the Hitler’s pet dinosaur chases and eats the fleeing aliens.

    iExCommunicate bonus game is even stranger, as you click on corporate characters that are clad in white and sitting in a sterile, dystopian-looking room and earn coins that way. Oh, did we forget to mention that they explode every time you click on them?

    We believe you are now getting to understand what we meant by the tittle becoming bizarre at times.

    To Conclude

    This slot is quite a departure from your classic releases, and not just because it takes this outlandish movie as the basis. Movie-based slots have been a thing for a while now, even when it comes to such eccentric ones. It has more to do with the way the game works.

    From the two pretty advanced minigames, to the modern dashboard that allows the spin button to have two additional functions besides its primary one, very high-quality graphics and animation, this title incorporates many elements of a new and modern slot release.

    The betting range is quite a limiting one, but if the interesting bonus games and high RTP haven’t made you want to give this slot a try, the weirdness of the overall theme should pique your curiosity.

    If you got tired of the same old, this is a slot release that undoubtedly brings something new and different to the table.