Odin's Loot Online Slots

A 3 Reels 1 Payline Slot Machine

Odin's Loot online slots from Wizard Gaming, finally "Wild Multiplier" and "3 Reel 1 payline slot" in the same sentence. This is pretty rare, so I'll type it again. Odin's Loot slot game not only features exceptionally high payouts, but it also has a wild multiplier with 3 times payouts on its 3 reels and 1 payline!

Odin's Loot Online Slots

Win the Odin's Loot 4200 coin jackpot!

Odin's Loot slots have a pay table that lights up so you know how many coins you're betting. You can customize the "Auto Play" feature to stop when a Jackpot is won, if a win exceeds a certain value, or from 5 to 500 spins. You set it how you want it.

Coin sizes in Odin's Loot slots range from $.25 to $5.00, the minimum bet is $.25 when one coin is played, and up to $15.00 a spin when 3 coins are played at max bet.

Wild Symbol in Odin's Loot Slots:

Symbols found in Odin's Loot Online Slots:

With music reminiscent of the Harry Potter movies, Wizard Gaming offers something special in Odin's Loot slots, a powerful punch. When this high-variance slot pays out, you'll notice, just don't give up before then.

Play Odin's Loot online slots and grab those triple payouts!

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