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    Different online casino software providers have their own unique style and flavor for their games. With World Match's Night Vampire slot, you get to really experience their take on a creepy vampire theme in a way that brings out their specific stylistic qualities. They've created a medium-volatility video slot with this title that's jam-packed with features and ways to win. Overall, it's a slot that focuses primarily on strong gameplay instead of flashy graphics and sound with little to no substance.

    Slot Layout

    Night Vampire uses five reels and three rows for a typical video slot format. While there are 15 paylines to choose from, something that makes this game stand out a bit from the competition is that pays go both left-to-right and right-to-left. You essentially get 30 ways to win for the price of 15, and that's one of the factors that combines with the balanced pay table to give this game a moderate volatility. You won't have huge swings that are out of control in this game, but there will be enough swings to keep your experience exciting.

    In terms of bet sizes, you can choose between six coin levels: $0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.10, $0.20 or $0.30. These are some atypical coin sizes, but they still give you a fair selection of betting options. With that having been said, the maximum bet is $4.50 in this game, and that might turn off some high stakes players. The minimum is just $0.15, however, and that's well within any player's budget.

    Top Symbols

    This game has a golden broach that acts as a wild symbol that substitutes for any of the non-scatter symbols. However, it does not have its own payout, so five of a kind will give you the same 1,000x win as five of the male vampire (who appears to possibly be Dracula). The female vampire gives the second-highest payout of 500x for five of a kind, but you can also win 500x for five of the garlic. These wins round out the top payouts for this slot.

    Low-End Symbols

    The lower end of the symbol set includes the one bar, two bar and three bar symbols, all of which pay out 300x for five, 100x for four and 30x for three. The lucky seven, set of pistols and goblet of blood all pay 200x for five of a kind, 50x for four of a kind and 20x for three of a kind. What's worth pointing out here is that there are no single-digit wins, so even the small payouts give you a sizable number of coins that guarantee a profit on your spin since you can only play with 15 coins per spin.

    Scatter Symbols and Bonus Features

    You'll find two different scatter symbols in this game. The scattered bats and scattered black horses can show up on the reels, and five of each (or five total in combination between the two symbols) will trigger one of the three bonus features.

    The first bonus feature has you controlling a bullseye while you shoot bats out of the sky. Each bat successfully hit gives you a payout. The second bonus feature has to do with guessing the colors of horses that are pulling the vampire along in a coach, and you get ten chances to win with this feature where each correct guess gives you a payout. Finally, the third feature is a set of free spins.


    This Night Vampire slot by World Match doesn't have the powerful graphics of games by some of the competition like BetSoft, but what it lacks in over-the-top graphics it more than makes up for in terms of pay table balance, good payouts for lower wins and a lot of bonus features. The vampire theme might be considered a little played-out in the online slot world, but this is a title that stands out for not falling for all of the common tropes that makes games with this theme seem too similar to each other.

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