Monster Money Online Slots

A 5 Reel 25 Payline Slot Machine

Monster Money Online Slots

Night of the Living Scatter? Revenge of the Wild? Friday the 13th: Bonus Edition? Call this what you will, but Vegas Tech named it Monster Money Slots for a reason. This 5 reel 25 payline video slot is as insane as the Professor himself, with a hauntingly impressive bonus game, full of wilds, scatters, and 5,000 coin jackpot that won’t scare anyone away.

This Professor’s mind is as wild and scattered as the symbols on the reels of this Vegas Tech Monster Money slot--but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other props, characters, and extras to round out his evil plan.

Monster Money Pay Table

The Castle, the Hunchback, and the Scared Civilian are not Monster Money slot symbols you should run from, and you may find that the bits and pieces in the other symbols (albeit quite literally) add up rather quickly in this low variance game.

Monster Money online slots wagering brings coin sizes that plunk down from 0.01 to 10.00 credits with 1 coins per line, and play on 1 or all 25 gruesome lines.

Monster Money Bonus

If the Monster Money slots bets frighten you easily, the minimum bet is as low as 0.01 credits when you bet one line, and if you “ain’t afraid of no ghosts”, you can pull out all the stops for a maximum bet of $250.

All Monster Money slot play is from left to right with the exception of the electrical rod scatter, which strikes the reels at random with possible payouts.

Monster Money Wild Symbol

Monster Money Scatter Symbol

Monster Money Bonus Feature

Get ready for some frighteningly good graphics as you navigate your way through this monster bonus feature, triggered by three or more Electrical Rod scatter symbols.

For once you’ll be happy to see mad professors, hunchbacks, and Frankenstein pieces in your rearview mirror. Let your adventure begin with Monster Money online slots.