Monster Mayhem Online Slots

A 5 Reel 15 Payline Slot Machine

Finally, a game where the Mad Scientist and the Vampire let you survive, and win big! Wizard Gaming's Monster Mayhem is a freakishly fun trick and treat video slot that fills its 5 reels and 15 paylines with scatters, wilds, and a 12,000 coin jackpot!

Monster Mayhem Online Slots

Win the Monster Mayhem 12,000 coin jackpot!

Whether you're a fan of scary movies or not the Monster Mayhem slots game has enough entertainment for everyone. If you're caught by something too scary to handle-a brain in a jar, a mummy, or worse; a winless spin (the horror!), then all you need to do is spin your reels to make all right with the world again. And have a chance at that 12,000 coin jackpot.

The Monster Mayhem slots wagering

Sorry, your arms and legs are not welcome here, but you can select coin amounts ranging from 0.01 to 1.00 credits, with the option of up to 10.00 credits per line; making your maximum bet of 150.00 credits per spin. All the Monster Mayhem symbols pay from left to right except the Scientist scatter symbol, which pays anywhere.

Monster Mayhem Online Slots Wild Symbol:

Scatter Symbol in Monster Mayhem Slots:

Set the scary mood however you wish (I kept my lights on and my doors locked), but whatever you do, gear yourself up for a frighteningly ghoulish time with Monster Mayhem online slots.

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