Money Wheel Video Game

Now here is a game filled with money, Money Wheel online video game. This Boss software game can award some nice cash prizes when a player uses good stategy bets. Take it for a spin to see what fortunes it may bring you.

Money Wheel Online Video Game

The objective of Money Wheel is very simple. A player must choose the number and/or symbol on which the wheel will stop. Players are able to wager from 1.00 to 100.00 credits on each symbol.

The following are the returns based on the amount wagered:

Payouts = Symbols

Although simple, a player can utilize odds to predict the outcome of the when a particular symbol may hit. By doing so, there is a lot of potential for winning it big if accompanied by a strategic betting system.

If you’re tired of the same ole game, why not give the Money Wheel a spin? You never know what fortune the wheel will bring, in the Money Wheel online video game!