• Manga Money Online Slots

    A 3 Reel 1 Payline Slot Machine

    Powered by Wizard Gaming technology, the futuristic Manga Money 3 reel 1 payline slots feature a 4000 coin jackpot and a $.10 minimum bet option. Even without wilds or multipliers, you still have plenty of chances to add the chime of payline wins to the fast-paced music.

    Manga Money Online Slots

    Win the Manga Money 4000 coin jackpot!

    If you aren't dancing within the first few seconds of playing Manga Money online slots, you'll definitely be dancing by the time you line up a winner. (Note: Make sure you stretch properly before playing this game-it's a cardio workout!).

    Manga Money online slots wagering gives you coin sizes which are; $.10, $.50, $1.00 and $2.00. The minimum bet is $.10 when one coin is played, and up to $6.00 a spin when the maximum bet with three coins are played.

    Manga Money slots, as with most all Wizard Gaming single-line slot games, has a well-organized pay table which lights up with your bet. And there's also the fully customized Manga Money Auto Play feature; you can set it to play from 5 to 500 spins, and can also program it to stop if a win exceeds a certain value, or when a Jackpot is won.

    The Symbols in Manga Money Online Slots:

    • Yellow Girl:She's a quick one, so if you can catch her and make her hangout on the payline long enough for two more Yellow Girl symbols to join her, you'll be paid the highest jackpot of 4000. She'll only reward you if you have three though, so work fast!
    • Manga Money Bars:This game has a steady diet of bars and their three combinations (one stack, two stacked, and three stacked). Get three of a kind or three of any kind and they’ll toss 9 to 240 coins in your account.
    • Red Boy:The Red Boy gives you wings. By landing just one on the payline, your bet will instantly double. Line up two or more and you can win from 9 to 180 coins.

    Manga Money slots are not for the faint of heart-even with the sound off. Be prepared for high-variance play, and long-awaited high payouts. This game would be an excellent candidate for the Auto Play feature.

    Catch your breath and find the cash in Manga Money online slots.

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