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    The Silver Spurs classic slot by Galewind is based around a style of gameplay that video slots fans will probably not be all that familiar with. Instead of keeping players distracted with bonus features that rarely hit maybe once per session or once every other session if you're lucky, this game gives you a good value on the reels through the regular pay table. Combined with a progressive jackpot for the top prize, this is a slot that gives players a fairly balanced experience with a relatively tame volatility considering it's a progressive game.

    Slot Format

    The format here is actually somewhat atypical from what we would normally see in a classic slot. While there are three reels with three rows, which is normal enough, there are nine different paylines, and that mixes things up a bit. You have more chances to win on each spin, which means a higher hit-rate and a more reasonable volatility. This also avoids a situation that causes a lot of people to avoid classic slots where you would have long streaks without any winnings at all because of the limited number of paylines.

    Players can choose to play from one to nine paylines, and they should always play with nine because that's how you activate the progressive jackpot. Playing with fewer than nine will hurt your RTP in this game tremendously. In terms of bet sizing, you have five coin sizes to choose from: $0.10, $0.25, $1, $5 and $10. This puts the betting range at $0.90 per spin to $90 per spin. There is a different progressive tied to each of these bet sizes, so you'll be able to get a pretty fair shake no matter which of the bet sizes you choose from.

    Bar Symbol Payouts

    There are three different bar symbols in this game. Three of a kind in the single bar will pay out a 10x win, and three of the double bar gets you twice that at the 20x level. Likewise, you can pick up a 30x payout for three of the triple bar symbol. To help smooth out the volatility a bit, you can also win a 1x win with any combination of three mismatched bar symbols, no matter what they are. This helps to pad your account balance while you shoot for the progressive jackpot.

    Four Different Lucky Seven Symbols

    The bulk of your medium-sized wins will come from the different lucky seven symbols. There are four of them in total, and it starts with the yellow lucky sevens, which pay out a solid 40x prize for three of a kind. You can also earn 60x for three of the green sevens, and a prize of 80x for three of the lucky blue sevens is also available. The lucky red sevens are the best-paying of the bunch with a 100x prize. To give you some better chances of holding out until you catch a big win, you can also line up any set of three mismatched lucky sevens for a 3x payout. This is a pretty solid payout considering you don't actually have to match up matching symbols to win.

    Top Prizes and Progressive

    The sheriff's badge is the top-paying symbol in this game, and it'll give you either 800x or the progressive jackpot depending on which payline you win with. On the first eight paylines, you get the 800x static jackpot. However, hitting three of them on the nine payline triggers the progressive, which will scale depending on the size of the wager that you make.

    In Summary

    Galewind's Silver Spurs is a good example of a classic progressive slot that has put a bit of a twist on the usual gameplay by combining a progressive jackpot with some different volatility-tempering efforts. The two different mismatched symbol payouts along with the fact that this is a 3x3 game with nine paylines helps to smooth out the swings a bit, which will help to keep players in the game longer as they shoot for the top progressive jackpot and the 800x alternative jackpot prizes.

    By Jesse Eddleman