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    Real Time Gaming software pulled out all of the stops, stirrups, and saddles in a Bovada Casino exclusive video slot, Freaky Wild West slots. It's a five reel, 30-line slot game with three different games and each has its own bonus game, plus there are free spins, scatter wins, and jackpots!

    The third game in the Freaky slots series offers several ways to win and even more ways to have a great time with a slot game.

    There’s no mistaking the Jackpot symbol in this Freaky Wild West slot game—there’s a big moneybag and the word “Jackpot” written right on it.

    Get five “Jackpots” to land on a payline and rope in 5000 coins! Other high-paying symbols include the Shaman Scatter, the Sheriff, and the Red Bandana Man; they fork over 3000, 1500, and 500 respectively.

    Freaky Wild West slots may have Wild in the title, but it doesn’t have a wild on the reels. Since several of the symbols pay out with as little as two symbols on an activated payline, you may not even miss the wild.

    No need to get your freak on with the Freaky Wild West online slots wagering, because the ranged coin sizes can be adjusted from $0.05 to $5.00 credits.

    The bets are simple if you're playing all 30 paylines, you can bet from $1.50 credits up to $150 credits per freaky game (or spin).

    All the Freaky Wild West symbols will pay from left to right except for the wacky Shaman Scatters which pay anywhere.

    Freaky Wild West Slots Scatter Symbol.

    • The scatter symbol in Freaky Wild West slots is the Shaman (don’t worry, he’s also labeled “Scatter” if it’s been awhile since you last met a shaman).
    • As a scatter, the Shaman doesn’t need a payline to pay out. In fact, as long as you have at least two scatter symbols on the reels, you will get at least 10 coins.
    • The Shaman Scatter is also your ticket to free spins-all you need is at least two on the reels at a time!

    Freaky Wild West Free Spins Feature.

    When two or more Shaman Scatters land on the reels, free games are automatically triggered. The number of free games depends on how many Shamans appeared on the reels at the same time:

    • 2 Shaman Scatters award 3 free spins.
    • 3 Shaman Scatters award 5 free spins.
    • 4 Shaman Scatters award 15 free spins.
    • 5 Shaman Scatters award 30 free spins.

    The free spins are awarded on top of the prizes listed in the pay table.

    Freaky Wild West Bonus Games.

    These Bonus games threw me for a loop (or, rather, a lasso) at first, so I’ll try to help explain it. Freaky Wild West has three different bonus games, and each one is triggered by gathering a certain number and type of symbol.

    By “gathering”, I mean that you have to have two of the same symbol show up in the central positions of Reel 2 and Reel 4. (They’ll animate, and then show up in a tally just above your bet).

    In order to play all three bonus games, you need to choose all three “worlds” to play in: the Indian World, the Bandit world, or the Cowboy world (their bonus games are shown below).

    All three games are triggered in the same way; some “worlds” just require more symbol matches than others.

    The bonus games break down as follows:

    • Indian Gold (Indian World): After you get four matching symbols in your tally, Indian Gold will launch. This bonus game is a shell game where your goal is to pick the three cups that contain the most points, which later talley into coin rewards.
    • Safe Crackers (Bandit World): This feature activates after you get 6 matching symbols and involves several safes filled with coins. Your mission is to select which safes are carrying the most bang for your luck. You get five tries.
    • Shoot for Loot (Cowboy World): This one takes a bit of stamina, as you have to collect all eight symbols in order to head to the Cowboy bonus round-but it’s worth it. You’ll use your shoot-aim-fire skills and gun down crooks in a Wild West shoot-out. The more bandits you hit and the quicker you hit them, the more points you win, and coins!

    I feel the Freaky Wild West video slot, only at Bodog online casino, is the best of the Freaky series offered by RTG software casinos.

    This is one of the only slot games I actually like to play with the sound on—it’s fun, not over the top, and not that repetitive. The sound actually adds to the game and the zany characters are fun to watch too.

    Play Freaky Wild West slots only at Bovada Casino, of which may be freaky and/or wild itself.


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