Dollarsaurus Online Slots

Dollarsaurus Slots

Just imagine the movie Jurassic Park turned into a slot machine and you have got the all new Dollarsaurus slot! Dollarsaurus has 12 different symbols on 5 reels of prehistoric awesomeness. Complete with jungle music and spins that sound like dinosaur roars, Dollarsaurus's audio is spot on and a great addition to the slot. You can bet up to 3 coins here giving you a maximum bet of up to 45 coins per spin.

Dollarsaurus includes a multitude of combinations to win on, you can view all of these on the accessible paytable inside of the game. Wilds are represented in the form of volcanoes and can be substituted on any line for a symbol that can make a paying combination. Wilds are also the top pay out, 5 volcanoes will fetch you a healthy 7800 prehistoric coins!

Inside of the options you can choose from 5 different speed settings to suit your style of play. On top of all of that you can choose the color of your LCD which is the color along the bottom and tops of the screen which displays your balance and other info. Dollarsaurus is a great addition to the slots 24 family, check it out!