Cool Fruits Online Slots

Are you feeling a little hot? If you are, play the Cool Fruits online slots game to catch something cool, and that would be cash. The Boss software in this slot game will show you several ways its fruits can payout a great jackpot of credits.

Cool Fruit slots


Cool Fruit - 3 reel, 3 pay lines. Coin size ranges from 5 cents up to $1.00. You can play from 1 to 9 coins per line.

Be sure to play 3 lines for best results.

Hit 3 Peach symbols to win the jackpot of $25,000.00 on $3.00 bet!!!!

Hit 3 Cool Strawberry symbols win $50,000.00 on a $3.00 bet!!

Cool FruitCool Fruit slot has great graphics, and animations.

Hit 2 or more bananas and watch the banana dance!!!