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    Now is your chance to rake in the cash by playing Cash Caper slots, with its 5 reels and 3 pay-lines, a bonus bag awaits.

    Cash Caper- 5 reel, 3 pay-lines with bonus round.

    You choose the coin amount you want to play when choosing the game.

    Cash Caper 25 cents or Cash Caper $1

    You can play from 1 to 3 lines be sure to play 3 lines for best results.

    On the play screen are dollar and coin symbols, you win when 2 sides of the coin or dollar are matched. You win the amount shown. For example: Row one has the left side of a quarter, row 2 has the matching right side of the quarter.you win 25 cents.

    Match up both sides of the bonus bag to activate the bonus round.

    Click on a door below the safe to find either a win amount or the safe key.

    Find the safe key to open the safe, the safe wheel will spin landing on a number, giving you that number of free spins.

    You can win up to $100.00 bills on the $1.00 cash caper. But that doesn't mean you can't hit more than one $100.00 bill!!

    Cash Caper is a totally unique game, and a lot of fun to play!! The robber collects your winnings on the right while the security guard sleeps on the left.