• Black Diamond

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      Octopus Gaming
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      Video Slots
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    These three versions of Black Diamond slot machines are 3 reel slots that glitter with abundant wilds and the chance to win up to 6000 coins, within the 1, 3, or 5 payline games.

    If you’re looking for big payouts, keep your eyes on the rock- the Black Diamond that is.

    Not only does this black rock substitute for all symbols in the Black Diamond online slots, it’ll award anywhere from 1000 to 6000 coins (with a maximum lines bet) when three of them line up on the payline.

    Whether you like a 1, a 3, or a 5 payline game, you can pick your potion with these Black Diamond slots—and chances are, you’ll live happier and able to tell about it.

    Like all Top Game slots, the Black Diamond online slots pay table is quick and calls attention to itself when you hit a win.

    I recommend the Auto-play function for these games it makes the play go faster and allows you to coast through the non-winning spins to get the big paying ones.

    Black Diamond - A 3 Reel 1 Payline Slot Machine.

    Don’t let the singular payline fool you on this 3-reel slot. You still have plenty of choices.

    Black Diamond 1-line slot wagering; the coin size can be nearly anything between $.05 and $5.00. You can also throw in a multiplier (up to three), which makes your minimum bet $.05 and your maximum bet $15.00.

    I’m sure you’re well aware of the Black Diamond wild; here are other symbols you’ll wish you had:

    • 1 Payline Rubies: Three of these pay the next highest jackpot, with 200, 400, and 600 coins depending on the amount of coins wagered.
    • 1 Payline Bars of Gold: These work like conventional bars--get three of a kind or a mixed assortment of 1, 2, or 3 bars--and they’ll pay out anywhere from 3 coins up to 150 coins.
    • 1 Payline Amethysts: These purple gems sparkle and pay every time they hit a payline. You’ll be happy they're around.

    Give it a spin; a one payline with big payouts kind of spin.

    Black Diamond - A 3 Reel 3 Payline Slot Machine.

    If one line was fun, then three is glee! As with all Black Diamond slots game versions, the Black Diamond is the Wild, and the Amethysts are the best way to put some of your spent coins back in your pocket.

    Black Diamond 3-line slot wagering.

    Coin sizes in this 3 line version range from $.05 to $5 per line, lines range from 1 to 3, and bets range from $.05 to $15.00 per spin.

    Black Diamond 3-line slot maximum payout is 6000 coins when you line up those lovely Black Diamonds on the bottom payline 3, but you can still get paid well if three land on the other paylines with 1000 and 3000 coins.

    As for the rest of the Black Diamond slots three payline symbols:

    • 3 Payline Rubies; Rubies pay a straight 200 coins on this version.
    • 3 Payline Bars of Gold; you will get 10, 25, or 50 coins with 3-single, 3-double, or 3-triple Bars respectively. With any 3 bars on a line get 3 coins back.
    • 3 Payline Amethysts: The coin-return gem is what I like to call it, with 1, 2, or 3 of these gems giving payouts on any payline.

    Three paylines give you triple the fun, in this three payline version of Black Diamond online slots.

    Play Black Diamond 3-line slot at the recommenced casinos.

    Black Diamond - A 3 Reel 5 Payline Slot Machine.

    Those purple amethysts seem to be leaping onto the screen in this 3 reel 5 payline Black Diamond slots version. Every spin is almost singing with their 1 and 2 coin payouts which, especially since they can be counted more than once, definitely add to the length of play to this game.

    And you’ll want to keep playing the 5-payline version of Black Diamond slots, because with five paylines there are more chances than ever to score the Black Diamond online slots jackpot amount; now you’ll have a chance to win 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, or 6000 coins depending on where those Black Diamonds decide to fall.

    Black Diamond 3-line slot wagering has adjustable coin sizes range from $.05 to $5, with line bets ranging from 1 to 5, and bets range from $.05 to $25.00 per game.

    And the rest of the Black Diamond slots five-payline symbols:

    • 5 Payline Rubies; these pay a straight 200 coins in this 5 line version.
    • 5 Payline Gold Bars; with 3-single, 3-double, or 3-triple Gold Bars you will get 10, 25, or 50 coins respectively. You'll get 3 coins back with any 3 Gold bars on a line.
    • 5 Payline Amethysts: Get a coin payout with 1, 2, or 3 of these gems on any payline.

    Play Black Diamond slots in any of its variations when It’s time to go rock-dropping!