• Green Casino Adds Express Options For a Faster Experience

    06 May 2018

    Green casino adds express options for a faster experience

    Players from Sweden who are playing at Mr Green Casino have Express options available to them now that will help to give them a faster experience with less hassle. This is the type of quality of life improvements that we've been wanting to see for online casino players, and we think that it could be the first of many if it catches on.

    What's Included in the Express Options

    There are three major areas where these Express options will be available. They include signing up, logging in and making withdrawals. We can understand why there isn't an Express option as a part of this deal for making deposits, but the three options they do have available will definitely help to speed up their respective areas, which will save players plenty of time.

    The way these options will work is that Swedish players can use their BankID for each of these options. The Express registration, withdrawals and logging in have all been set up to be in line with the regulatory requirements, and that means players can use them on their computers along with the iOS and Android web apps.

    Quality of life enhancements like this one are something that the online casino industry hasn't really made much of a push on. We think that the industry tends to be behind the level of technology available in this regard, and a big part of that is how the industry as a whole still doesn't have international standards. As long as each area has their own regulatory guidelines without different countries agreeing on one standard, then this type of issue is more likely to continue.

    Mr Green Casino in 2018

    We've seen a lot of new additions to the Mr. Green Casino lineup in 2018. However, this Express set of options for Swedish players shows that new games isn't all they're focused on. They have a reputation for tons of promotions as well, but this goes to show that they are trying to improve every aspect of the experience for players. Overall, we'd like to see more things like this come to players.


    Press Release, Mr Green Launches Express Sign Up, Login and Withdrawals mrg.se, April 20, 2018

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