• Almost $200,000 hit by a Canadian at Slotland!

    01 April 2008


    Texasteaser is singing and dancing in Canada after searching for treasure on Slotland’s Treasure Box slot. He found the Treasure chest for sure with $195,083.00!!! He is especially happy since he usually plays video poker, and decided he would try the slots.

    Slotland’s jackpot is usually hit every six to 8 weeks. Martin Smith stated: “It’s hard to resist when the jackpot gets to big numbers like that. Lots of players play a little more when they feel like there’s going to be a big jackpot winner any second. They want it to be them! So we’d been very busy in the days before the win.”

    Texasteaser  a regular at Slotland said: “I usually stick with video poker, I don’t know what made me think I should take a spin or two on the slots that day instead, but I’m sure glad I did!”

    I know I would be too..LOL 

    The slot is reset to $50,000 after a win and is now already up to over $70,000.
    Who will be the next big winner?  Who knows maybe I will try my luck!