$148,711 Luck Stars Progressive Online Slot Winner

“I’m so excited I can’t think straight. I’m sure not used to having that kind of spending money so I really don’t know what I’ll do with it! I’m terrible for spoiling my family. Can’t help it! So I’ll have some fun with this that’s for sure. First though, my brother has been going through some tough times lately so I’m going to help him with some of the bills that have piled up.”

That is what SOUTHBELLE is going to do with the $148,711 that she just won on the Lucky Stars online progressive slot machine.  This is one of Slotlands oldest and most popular online slot and now can add another winner to its list.

According to Slotland Manager Michael Hilary,

“People play a little less in the summer so the progressive hasn’t increased as fast as it has shot up a few times in the past.  But it was worth waiting for I’d say! Last fall it was getting hit pretty well monthly so we weren’t seeing six-figure jackpots like this. We had a $168,476 winner in May but other than that this is our biggest win since last October.”

Luck Stars is a 5 payline slot machine that features a random “hold” feature and a special bonus round. According to SOUTHBELLE,

“When you get the ‘hold’ feature you have to decide whether or not to keep what you’ve got or take your chances on another spin. Bonus rounds multiply wins so if I feel like I’m close to hitting one I like to make sure I’m betting max to make the most of it.”

And this player should know as they have been playing at Slotland for 3 years and now has $148,711 to show for it.

Author: GamesAndCasino