Crazy Ball Scratch Off Game

At Prime Scratch Cards you can go "bowling" for dollars in a very big way!

The game is called CRAZY BALL, and your object is to beat the Champion's score. There are three bowling lanes, each of them with a different colored bowling ball. You can ascertain the score you have to beat at the outset by scratching off the "Champion's Score" button at the top of the interface. Then, you click on the balls to roll them.

If you're rolling the balls one at a time, you simply click on the ball to roll it. At any point, you can scratch off the corresponding score for each lane, not to mention the Champion's Score.

The "Scratch All" mode sends each ball down the lane automatically, one quickly after the other, and unveils the prizes in order.

So obviously there are three chances to win on each round of play. If you beat the champion, you can win up to $100,000 with the $10 card. There is also a $3 card available, which can yield up to $30,000.

The animation is nice and clean, and the process of the game actually offers a certain amount of real suspense. If you want to toss a few down the lane, you'll be "bowled over" by Crazy Ball.

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