American Roulette Scratch Off Game

Prime Scratch Cards's AMERICAN ROULETTE scratch game is similar to its American Roulette game, except for the fact that the wheel in American Roulette has both the zero and double zero.

Otherwise, the setup is pretty much the same - there is a chart of five numbers assigned to you off to the right, along with corresponding prizes. These are scratched off, and the wheel spins, in whatever order you want to do it.

The sound and visual effects are not bad. And while the winning number is not the easiest thing to see, the game is designed to move at the player's pace, which means you can stop, check the number, and scratch your own numbers, or allow the game to automatically determine that for you, particularly in "Scratch All" mode.

For a $10 scratch card, you can win up to $100,000 playing good ol' American Roulette at Prime Scratch Cards!

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