Lasseters One Cent Roulette

This Roulette game is the same as the standard Roulette game used at Lasseters except the chip denominations run 1¢ to $50.

There is only one 0 on the board and wheel giving a total of 37 numbers available for play.

Lasseters Penny Roulette

This software displays the payout odds of a bet as you go to place a chip on a number or combination, which is a great tool when playing the game.  The name of the game is 1¢ Roulette and you can literally place bets of 1¢ on the board.

This is an inexpensive way to test out your playing skills and develop your own playing strategy for Roulette.

Bets are usually placed into 2 different categories:  Inside and Outside.

The kinds of bets and payouts for inside bets are.

The kinds of bets and payouts for outside bets are.