Six Shooter Casino Online.

The Six Shooter Casino, established in 1998, offers an unusually large assortment of casino games, player retention bonuses, and player amenities, making it one of the more desirable locations for online gaming.

There is a bit of a Western motif in the casino design. But it's not all Western in spirit. The casino deals in currencies of all kinds, including the U.S. dollar, the Japanese yen, the Euro, Hong Kong dollar, and even Chinese funds.

Registration is very easy, as is the download of the free casino software. Players who register can have their name put into a drawing for a cool million bucks.

The software can be downloaded from any page because of the presence of a floating button that follows the player as he or she pages down. And it takes only about two minutes to download it if you've got a high-speed connection.

Once you get there you'll be able to play over six dozen different casino games. There are a dozen different video poker games, 20 video slots, 17 regular slot games and more.

Everything, including managing your bankroll, tracking the results of your play, controlling various aspects of the game, and making deposits and withdrawals, are done through the mechanism of the software.

Powered by Playtech, the software comes with help buttons that offer a complete set of instructions on all of the games. So the player need not be intimidated.

Newcomers to the Six Shooter Casino have the opportunity to triple their money upon their first deposit.

The casino offers a 200% "welcome" bonus for those signing up and making their first deposit, a figure that is good up to an initial deposit of up to $100.

There is a minimum withdrawal of $20, and a maximum of $8000 that can be paid out to a player in a week. All withdrawals are done through the free downloadable casino software.

Sign up at Six Shooter Casino - and come out firing!!

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