Blackjack Club Casino Online

The world doesn't have enough blackjack. Blackjack Club takes care of that.

The casino, which is powered with software by Gambling Federation, offers a nice, clean, user-friendly environment to play the world's greatest game (at least in the opinion of many).

In the flagship game of Multi-Spot Blackjack, the rules are relatively standard; players can split pairs and double on any two cards, although there is no doubling after split. The dealer hits 16 and stands on 17. Insurance is allowed.

One of the bigger differences that makes the game unique is the "Triple 7 Blackjack Bonus," which credits the player's account with $5000 if he or she receives three 7's of spades to total 21 during a hand of play.

In the special preview section on the site, the rules are outlined, along with basic tips on how to play and instructions on how to use the software while playing the games.

There are previews, in fact, for all the games, and there are almost 100 of them in all. They include a lot of the standard fare, like craps, baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Sic Bo and Caribbean Poker, plus 60 video poker games and 23 slots games, which include among them 12 progressive games.

Players can gain "G-Fed Points" by continued play at the casino; for every $10 U.S., 10 Euros or 10 British Pounds wagered on slots, or for every $20 U.S., 20 Euros or 20 Pounds wagered on table or lottery games, one G-Fed point is earned. For every 25 G-Fed Points, the player gets $1 credited to his/her account.


And on Wednesday players can get triple the value in G-Fed Points when playing slots. That's the REAL DEAL!

Also, there's a 100% signup bonus up to $50 on the first deposit.

The software comes in fifteen different languages - there's English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Can you speak all of those? There should be a bonus for THAT!

Customer support is available toll-free throughout North America, by phone, email and live chat everywhere. So whichever one you're comfortable with, you can use.

This baby is a "natural," for sure. Check it out!

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