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Merge Gaming Network Pokers

Merge Gaming was one of those poker networks that surfaced when the online poker scene was at its highest peak. And subsequently, when the crash happened the network itself downsized to a single site, and that too eventually closed down. The games are no longer accessible, and truth be told the reputation of the company wasn’t all that good in the end either.

To make it short, if you’re looking for poker games you need to look at the other providers we have reviewed here at our site. It’s no longer possible to play at this site, and though some connected providers might still be available, we don’t suggest trying out their games either due to reputation problems. That said, let’s have a look at the history and what this company used to offer.

History of Merge Gaming Poker

First of all, Merge Gaming is not to be confused with Merge Games. The latter is a completely different company, one that has absolutely nothing to do with the casino industry in fact. Merge Gaming itself was a poker site that started operating in 2006. They remained much of a fringe site for most of their history, up until the Black Friday that saw online poker gaming banned in the United States. Whilst most other networks, legit ones, complied with this, Merge Gaming went the other way. They kept accepting US players, and as such saw some tremendous growth.

This initial success kept up for some time, and the selection of poker game types even kept growing. The player count kept steady, and US players who were willing to risk offshore legislation were quite well served at this online gaming site. However, the new way of doing things had its effects, as always in a delayed manner. Eventually, the site was sold on, and the new ownership seems to have been more interested in claiming their profits rather than taking care of their players. Slow payments, banning winning players, and other such actions became commonplace. 

As one can foresee, this led to fewer and fewer players, and connected network sites started closing down. Finally, Carbon Poker, the original site, ended up closing itself too. And good thing too, since this site was no longer a good place for poker players, no matter where they were from.

Where to Play Online Poker

Unlike this company, many of the other companies moved on and adapted to the rules, laws and markets. Today, they are also making a comeback in the US as the legislation is finally being sorted out. If you’re looking for Sit&Go tables, poker tournaments, poker bonuses, or even video poker titles there are tons of different options to choose from. We suggest you have a look and choose one that fits your fancy the best. Many of these sites also offer a variety of different casino games and even live dealer poker games