Grand Virtual

Grand Virtual Pokers

It’s pretty hard to find any information about this poker company today, as it has been closed down since 2013. The company first started operating in 1997, so it was definitely on the bandwagon of online gambling from the very beginning. What happened to the company is an open question. What we can tell you is that any mention on the internet leads to websites that are seemingly functional, but seem to also sport technology that should have been discarded a long time ago. It’s almost like you’re peering back into the 90s.

Though the software at the time was quite groundbreaking, it seems like it didn’t remain so for long. And as this was originally a US company, it was likely hit rather badly by the USA closing online casino access. Besides online poker, the company also offered video poker. These too have suffered the same fate, being so far outdated that they couldn’t even be offered on any modern online casino platform. 

A bit more digging, and it seems that the software and the company were already sold on in 2004. However, this is as far as our detective work took us, as all leads disappear into the empty spaces of the internet. Suffice to say, once upon a time this company was involved in poker, but better poker companies drove it out rather easily.