Prime Poker

Whether you are in your prime or would like to get into your prime while playing poker, Prime Poker online poker is just the place to make it happen. Within its many poker rooms you can play free poker games or play from $0.10 up to $100 and more depending on your poker skills.

While playing in the online Poker Tournaments at Prime Poker, you can choose to play in their $1.00 tournaments or try your skills by playing in the $100 tournaments.

The choice is yours, whether you are just starting out and would like to try the Sit & Go or Hold’em with play money for free, or you may be the more professional poker player and go for the higher stakes poker playing found here at Prime Poker.

Here are some of the Promotions found at Prime Poker:

Be sure to check in online at Prime Poker for more information and the requirements needed to claim your bonuses.

Here is the scoop on what poker games are played at Prime Poker.

Under Cash Games tab: Hold’em real money games:

Hold’em play money games:

Other real money games:

Under the Tournaments Tab you can play most all the games above mentioned in the real money tournaments played on several to many different tables. Go and watch if you like to see how someone plays to give you an edge the next time you have to play that person.

And better yet, join in on one of the many fun poker playing tournaments here at Prime Poker starting at a buy in of $1.20 and up to $108 buy in depending on your skills.

There are also Sit & Go Tournaments at Prime Poker with play and real money games, where you play at just one table and try to make it in first place to get the largest pot for that session.

Five or more other real money Tournaments are also available to play with prize pools from $250 and up to $30,000.

Now here is a twist at Prime Poker that most online poker sites do not offer, Create a Tournament.

Start out by clicking on the Tournaments tab, and then at the bottom of the window click on Create Tournament.

The Create Private Tournament window will pop up giving you these choices:

Now there is something to make a great game between friends or family. And if there is a friend or friends of yours who talk big about their poker skills, bring them here to Prime Poker online where you can find out for yourself just how great their skills really are.

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