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Poker Time is no longer available on our site due to unforeseen circumstances. We suggest playing at these Microgaming poker rooms.

Let the chips roll and the cards fly towards your royal flush here at PokerTime. To start you out and to get the most for your money you will receive a great sign up bonus.

For more details on bonuses and promotions, be sure to check out the Terms & Conditions in Tournaments & Promotions section at your online PokerTime site.

Deals, deals and more deals when it comes to playing poker. Sit back and put on your poker face, not that you have to, but what could it hurt since you may be playing a pro.

Below is a run-down of some of what PokerTime has to offer.

Here is a list of some of the PokerTime Poker Promotions:

  • 100% Match Bonus.
  • Poker Points Challenge, get the most out of your Poker Points.
  • Progressive Bad Beat Jackpots, where pots get into the thousands.
  • Magic Hand Bonus, when $2,500 is awarded every 4 million hands.
  • Refer a Friend, and you will receive $50.

Be sure you go to the online PokerTime site for promotional details.

Here are some of the great Texas Holdem PokerTime Poker Games you will play:

  • Progressive Bad Beat, where you play some real poker players
  • Beginner Hold’em Games, a good place to start learning poker
  • Fixed Limit Hold’em, the pots are fixed, so no All Ins
  • Pot Limit Hold’em, you can bet the pot here with a good hand
  • No Limit Hold’em, you can go “All In” if you like, but be warned you may have a very short game.

More great PokerTime poker games:

  • 5 Card Draw; 5 cards dealt down, raise, call or fold, choose up to five cards to exchange, and then the final betting round.
  • Omaha; with 4 cards down, a flop with 3 cards, turn 1 card and the river 1 card.
  • Omaha H/L or Omaha High/Low; about the same as Omaha but the pot is split between the highest and lowest hands.
  • 7 Card Stud; where you have 7 cards, 4 cards up and three down.
  • 5 Card Stud; with 1 card down in your hand and 4 cards show.
  • Private Games; usually by invitation or winning a previous tournament.
  • Sit & Go Tournaments; usually single table tournaments
  • Multi-Table Tournaments; many people join in on many tables for one tournament.
  • TV; for direct cable broadcast card playing.

Try your poker playing skills in the many tournaments while taking advantage of the great promotions at PokerTime. With all these great offers do not forget what goes on behind the scene.

With customer service and support that give you security and integrity set to be bound towards the highest standards and principles that an online site has to offer.

Also being a trusted and well respected member of great group of people, PokerTime is where you should spend your time for all your poker playing fun!

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Microgaming powered PokerTime Poker is a member of the Fortune Lounge Group and Licensed through the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

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