Pokerroom Poker

Established in 1999, PokerRoom is one of the older Internet based poker networks and easily makes the top ten in player numbers with over 6,000 at peak hours. Their software is available in both a free download and in a no download option.

Two unique things that PokerRoom offer that I like are the ability to color-code your opponents by a rating system that you assign and the availability of play money sit-n-go tables.

At PokerRoom you can assign descriptions to different color icons on the software, like maniac or fish and tag your opponents with the color icon you have assigned. This is a quick way to see the types of players at the table with you when you first sit own.

Of course you can also keep detailed notes about your opponents. These are both accomplished by right clicking on the opponents seat.

The lobby is well designed with tabs along the top to choose between ring game and tournament action. Once you choose, there are more tabs for each game and these can even be tabbed further to split the limit and pot-limit/no-limit action.

Tables can be sorted by stakes and number of players at the table. By selecting a table one time, a list of players at the table and statistics such as average pot, hands per hour and flop percentage are displayed to the right.

The action buttons at the tables are at the bottom of the screen in the middle and the amount in the pot is displayed on the table toward the left-hand side. The action is easy to follow as a yellow outline surrounds the box of the player who's turn it is to act.

When you sit down at a table, you must click the sit in button on the left side of the screen to actually join the game. There are play money tables running at all times so you can learn the software and practice your poker game.

Texas Holdem is offered in limit with blinds from .25/.50 to 100/200, pot-limit with blinds from .25/.25 to 50/50 and in no-limit with blinds from .25/.25 to 100/100. Omaha high and Omaha/8 are available in limit with blinds from .25/.50 to 25/50, pot-limit from .50/.50 to 2/2 and no-limit from .50/.50 to 2/2. 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud/8 are offered in limit with blinds from 1/2 to 25/50.

With a large player base, there are always tables available in all of the games and at most limits.

They also offer a few casino style games such as Blackjack, Caribbean Pirate Poker, Let It Ride, Video Poker, Fruit Slots, Poker Slots, Cowboy Slots, Skeet Shooter, Baccarat, Craps, Pai Gow and Roulette.

PokerRoom runs over twenty multi table poker tournaments daily with buy-ins ranging from 5.50 to 320. There is a 20,000-guaranteed no-limit holdem tournament five days a week and one 40,000 and 50,000 guarantee every week.

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