What is especially unique about the Playtech product is that it pioneered the concept of its alternative poker table views through its interface. On the one hand, you can get the conventional overhead view of their poker tables, with nearly true-to-life characters in the occupied seats.

Then there is the side view, which is very interesting, and like the top view, offers the internet handle of each player, how much they have in chips, and what move they're making while they're making it. But the characters in this view are animated.

Playtech Poker

Also, the Playtech software is designed to more easily integrate itself with VIP and loyalty programs that are so critical in the poker room environment.

Either way, those characters - again, representing players at the table - use voices to reflect their decisions that are made during the game. Sound effects come with the game, but can be disabled at any time, and the game can be viewed in full-screen.

Side games like blackjack, video poker and slots are embedded in the software, just in case any players need a little bit of a diversion.

Of course, the poker aficionado might elect to play multiple games if he wants that added action, and with Playtech software, that's hardly a problem. The player can easily roam back and forth between tables when playing in multi-table "mode" - there are tabs at the top that makes this rather elementary.

The chat option offers a couple of different ways to go. The player can view it in a window within the screen, or, if he doesn't want something that might obscure any part of the overall layout, he can choose to have it off to the right side in a screen-length panel, which allows for lengthy conversations to be seen at a glance.

Controls are at the bottom, including buttons to click and access hand history, statistics, chat and options.

The key to the success of Playtech software is that it offers everybody - whether a newbie or a veteran - a greatly enhanced playing experience.