• Hollywood Poker

    Hollywood Poker no longer offers online poker.

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    Hollywood Online Poker

    Hollywood Poker has card games like Omaha, Texas Holdem, 5-card and 7-card stud, and others, and touts that it has the best tournament selections, the best exclusive offers, and the best poker entertainment package in the world.

    Hollywood online poker is powered by Ongame software and has been on the net since October 2009.

    There’s something electric about the possibility of playing your favorite card game with a celebrity—and no one knows this better than Hollywood online poker.

    Those are bold statements all, but with Vince Van Patten and James Wood backing the site, it’s worth seeing if they can put their money where their mouth is. All the Stars that come to play at Hollywood Poker can do so via free download, free game, on PC or Mac.

    Hollywood Poker boasts that over 300 “celebrities”, both poker and otherwise, are already members of its exclusive casino, and advertises under the premise that you could be rubbing elbows with any one of them at any given time.

    Hollywood online poker has flashy full speed animations, is coupled with the “Hollywood Poker-Girls” (and their racy calendar promotions), make for an obvious demographic (basically, eye-candy for the men).

    Hollywood Poker Promotions.

    There are some sexy Hollywood Poker welcome bonuses (you’ll know what I mean if you head to the site for more details), and they also have some alluring ways to grab current members’ attention (and their pocketbooks):

    • Deposit Bonus Freeroll Series: Up to $3,300 in daily bonuses are up for grabs with the Deposit Bonus Freeroll Series, which is played 22x a day, every single day. These games are for non-depositors. Play for Poker Bonus Cash-awards start at $25 and go up to $75.
    • Celebrity Classic: Every Sunday at 2pm (EST) you’ll have a chance to see celebrities in poker action, and then try to knock them out of the tournament. That’s right-each celebrity has a bounty and the more you knock out of the tournament, the more money in your wallet.
    • Club Hollywood Poker: With a slightly different take on a player rewards program, Hollywood Poker gives its players the ability to choose between a typical comp point system (one that rewards points with tournament buy-ins, bonuses, etc) with a cash back system (the “Value Back Player Program” gives up to 40% back). You’ll earn one point for every dollar played (fractional points are given to wagers less than a buck, but more than $.10).

    Hollywood Poker also has several tournaments and contests with unique prizes, like admission into the Hollywood Poker LIVE European Championships and tickets to other huge events.

    And I’m sure this will sound like a broken record to those of you who have read my other reviews, but, as extensive as the Hollywood online poker site is, you’ll want to make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions of each prize, bonus, and tournament prior to playing.

    Hollywood Poker Special Features.

    For better or worse, there are a lot of diversions at Hollywood Poker. From the celebrities, the online magazine, the scantily clad females, the ever-charming and ever-talking Vince Van Patten, to all the poker resources, this site seems to have more than a little of everything:

    • Poker Help: I don’t believe I’ve seen a more extensive catalog of online help services anywhere else. Hollywood Poker has sections upon sections of FAQs, resources, tutorials, and software help. The search feature in the Help Section scored major points with me.
    • Casino Games: If you want to switch up your day a bit, you’ll have access to Club Hollywood casino.
    • Online Magazine: Featuring (surprise!) celebrities, this bit of self-promotion is full of articles, helpful tips, and nice ways to pass the time.

    No chips about it, this site is as impressive as it is extensive.

    Hollywood Online Poker Games.

    Hollywood Poker has several games and tournaments that run the gamut from being completely accessible (like the above-mentioned non-deposit Freerolls) to being completely exclusive (like the $5,000 buy-ins on some of the tournaments).

    You can’t help but notice the professional poker player vibe that filters throughout the site. Whether you are at that level, or want to become that level, I’m sure Hollywood Poker will give you enough to tickle your fancy. Poker games include:

    • The ever-popular Texas Hold’em,
    • As well as Omaha,
    • 5-card stud,
    • And 7-card stud, among many, many others.

    If there’s a poker game out there, chances are Hollywood Poker has some sort of tournament or page dedicated to it.

    General Information for Hollywood Poker.

    • Software: Download and Flash (for Macs with OSX 10.4 or later) (Ongame).
    • System Requirements: Available for download to PCs (Windows 2000 or later).
    • Player Restrictions: United States.
    • License: Gibraltar.

    Rub shoulders and toss hands with celebrities at Hollywood Poker today.