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CalShark Poker is no longer available through our site due to its closure in October 2012. 

CalShark Poker is affiliated with 60 California casinos and land-based card rooms and offers Texas Hold'em and Omaha poker card games for both US and non-US players! CalShark online poker opened its doors in October 2011, and offers highly interactive poker games on state-of-the-art Playtech software.

Backed by the California Online Poker Association (COPA), CalShark offers free online poker and has the meat to offer enough great promotions, prizes, and freeroll tournaments to lure in both US and non-US players, since October 10th 2011.

According to its website, CalShark Poker is affiliated with over 60 different California casinos and land-based card rooms; it may go without saying that CalShark is definitely “in the know” with poker.

Since it is a completely free service, all the online poker games played at CalShark are for instructional and entertainment purposes only. Online poker players can get a feel for poker tournaments, table games, and different poker styles.

CalShark Poker Games.

CalShark currently offers the two most popular poker games:

  • Texas Hold’em poker,
  • And Omaha poker.

They have an extensive database of instructions, rules, and tips for how to play these two games, and, since it is a free online poker site, every game you play and all the experience you earn won’t cost you a cent.

Playing at CalShark online poker might cost you pieces of your pride, perhaps, but at least it won’t come out of your wallet (which might, in all honesty, hurt a bit less).

At any rate, you’ll learn the poker basics, the hand rankings, the idiosyncrasies of each poker game, and what style may better suit you. And there's always the chance that CalShark will add new poker games to their lineup in the near future.

You can play free online poker at Calshark in two different formats:

  • The Download version,
  • Or the Browser version.

As you would expect:

  • CalShark's Download version will provide a bit more bells and whistles,
  • And CalShark's Browser version gets you into the poker action in moments.

Keep in mind, while both interfaces are easy to interact with, the download version is only PC-friendly.

CalShark Poker Features.

Once you’ve registered on the software, you’ll get 1,000 chips to start playing with. The more you play, the more potential you have to earn more chips:

  • The more chips you earn, the more playing power you have with invitations to higher value poker tournaments, prizes, and more.
  • With the referral program currently in place, there are even more opportunities to win and share chips with friends.

Calshark online poker has an on-table chat software with two basic rules:

  • Keep it clean,
  • And keep it in English.

You’ll be able to adjust the chat settings in your account to include only the Dealer, only certain players, or muting the entire table.

The premise behind CalShark Poker is to keep as much interaction going at all times, especially since it is launched deep in the age of social media.

This free online poker site is meant to bring as many poker players to the table as it can, which is why it generously awards referrals and is gracious about sharing chips between friends.

It may just show that the more people know about the game of poker, the smarter they can play, and the more experienced they can be with their chips, even if they may hold no cash value (at the time of this review).

General Information for CalShark Poker.

  • Software: Playtech - Download and Browser friendly.
  • License: CalShark online poker is regulated by the California Online Poker Association(COPA).
  • Exemptions: "By accessing this web site, you agree to be bound by these web site Terms and Conditions of Use, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws."

Whether you play for the love of the game or just love to play the game, CalShark online poker gives you an opportunity to play online poker for free with your favorite people. What’s not to like about that?

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