• EPT Malta High Roller Event Won by Byron Kaverman

    03 November 2015

    Kaverman wins malta

    An American professional online poker player by the name of Byron Kaverman has taken top honors in the EPT Malta High Roller Event. This event had a buy-in of €10,300, and there were a total of 210 players for a prize pool of over €2 million. Kaverman was able to take down €430,800 for first place in this event.

    Multiple High Roller Places

    Kaverman is no stranger to these top-tier places. He nailed ninth place in the single-day high roller event with a €10,200 buy-in, and he also placed fifth in the €25,750 buy-in High Roller tournament. He was up against pretty stiff competition including well-known professionals like Jason Mercier, Martin Finger, "ElkY" aka Bertrand Grospellier, Robert Romanello and others. He's picked up about $3 million in winnings in live events so far this year, and a total of ten wins have come with six-figure payouts. This included a bracelet in this year's $10,000 WSOP Six-Handed NLHE Championship.

    Other Top Places

    Kaverman was against Mukul Pahuja in heads-up play, and about 90 minutes of play was needed to determine the winner. Pahuja took second for €290,100. Third place went to Ikalai Vaskaboinikau for €204,500, fourth was worth €165,800 for Ihar Soika, and fifth went to Vlaimir Dobrovolskiy for a solid €131,180 payout. Sixth place was worth €99,620 for Robert Romanello, and seventh picked up €72,730 for Bryn Kenney. Kevin MacPhee also scored €53,150 in this event.

    The United States Represented Fully

    Something important to point out here is that both players heads-up in this high roller event were from the United States, and at least one of them is known for online play. This is worth pointing out because the UIGEA really put a strain on the ability for players to get paid through poker sites, and Black Friday didn't help the situation either.

    It's cool to see that the United States is doing so well on the international stage, and it just goes to show that there's still a lot of interest in poker in the US. If lawmakers would get their act together, we could end up seeing another huge poker boom if players were allowed to get in on the action in a game that was once known as America's pastime.

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