Online Gambling Tips

Gambling on the Net A Common Sense Approach




Many online casinos give out bonuses - from 10% to an occasional 200% of your deposit. Some also give out completely free money to play and win with, no deposit required. All these bonuses have some strings attached - so make sure you read the conditions outlined at the casino website. Usually, you have to wager (bet) the deposit and/or bonus a certain amount of times. You will be surprised how fast that happens though.

We are always checking the net for casinos offering great bonuses - and we list them here for you. We will not list casinos with questionable software or business practices, no matter how enticing the bonus. This constant updating and testing is time-consuming for us, so we really appreciate it when you use our links.

Periodically we offer an extra bonus to you, just for using our links to get your bonus money. Please do let us know if you encounter any problems with any casino you accessed with our link. We will try to run interference for you. We would also like to hear about the problems you had with casinos you didn't find here - especially problems with getting payments. This will help us protect others from the same problems. There are plenty of good, honest casinos out there, there is no need to take risks with dubious ones.

The casino game that is the least up to chance is Black Jack, but you do need to know the basic strategy and follow those rules religiously. Poker, Craps and Baccarat can also be maximized by proper play. Never play on hunches, make the best mathematical decisions.

For Blackjack tips go to the Blackjack Room or you can download a free blackjack trainer here.

Another common on-line casino game is Baccarat. It is basically easy to play. In on-line baccarat, the best bet is usually on the banker. The house edge on the best bet is only 1.07%. With fewer decks the house edge on the banker bet is lower. Microgaming offers a one deck game. The baccarat offered in our free casino game section is Microgaming. You can practice there. We hope to soon be offering a baccarat trainer that will go into more detail.

Caribbean Stud Poker or Cyber Stud Poker is an interesting game. Your odds are best if you raise on a pair or higher, fold if you have lower than ace/king, and alternate raising and folding on ace/king. When the dealer has a 2 through queen and you have none of the same, raise. When the dealer has ace or king and you have a queen or jack, raise. Microgaming pays differently from land casinos. Two pairs pay only even money, but everything else, Straight, Royal Flush, etc. pays more. It is best to ignore side bets.

For Poker tips go to the Red Hot Poker Room or download a free poker trainer here.

Slot machines on the net do not operate according to the same rules as the ones in land casinos. There is no way at all to figure the next win. They do seem to be quite fair, and there are many different themes available. If you play prudently and stop when you win you can do well with slots on the net. Most people lose because they get greedy and want to win more and more, losing their previous winnings in the process.

For Slots tips go the Slots Room

Roulette is a game that is pure luck, although many theories have it that you are best off betting on even unless the game has two zeros. Play Roulette Here

We only list casinos with impeccable reputations here. We have played, won and been paid out by most of them. There is an organization that continually monitors online casinos. To make absolutely sure you are safe, before sending your money overseas - CALL the OSGA at 1 877 OSGABET/ 877 742 OSGA

See a list of Blacklisted Casinos here

Never deposit more than you can afford to lose. If you have the urge to do that, please go to or to for help, you have a gambling problem.


It is getting increasingly more difficult to deposit in casinos. Here are some of the available payment methods:

If you experience problems with your card purchases through the e-cash ATM in the casino software, we recommend you use any of the other payment options

Fastest and most secure way to transfer cash online. Same-day payments and virtually instant cash transfers You pay no charges for transfers to and from Merchants. You can fund your Neteller account using: Instacash, F-cash Deposit, Electronic Funds Transfer, Bank Deposit/Wire and Visa or Master Card

PayPal no longer handles transactions to/from gambling sites.

FirePay accounts can no longer be credited by a credit card. However, BANK TRANSERS/ACH can be used to credit your account. When using FirePay, transfer of money to your casino account is immediate. A FirePay account is a FREE web-based account that works like a debit card - you deposit money into your FirePay Personal Account, and then use the money to purchase online.

Transfer money directly from your banking account. FREE - no charges to you at all.

Use this secure and convenient option to send checks via the Internet. You must have a checking account with a financial institution in the USA and the check must be payable in US Dollars.

* The minimum transfer amount for this method is US$500.00 or £500.00. This transaction is subject to a maximum of 10% (ten percent) of the amount transferred.

Our recommendation is Neteller or Prepaid ATM